Sleep, Day 5: Dreams

April 17, 2009 at 9:41 pm

I failed again. :/   I mean, of course I did…  I sort of set myself up for that, didn’t I?  I even forgave myself ahead of time.  Meh.

But yeah..same kind of thing.  Talking to someone, conversation was just too engrossing.  I couldn’t tear myself away, and before I knew it, I hadn’t just blown my 11:30 bedtime; I had stayed up until something like 2:00 am.  BAD JEN!

And really, that’s not just bad for me. It’s bad for whomever I’m talking to, too.  Even my West Coast pals would be hitting midnight at that point.  Must find some way to stop doing that.

But speaking of sleep, I’m thinking about dreams.  This has no immediate relevance, other than that it’s sleep-related and I’m curious about it.  I did not, for example, have a weird dream last night or anything.

Dream interpretation fascinates me.  While I cannot say I would rely on something like that to, say, predict the future or anything, I don’t think I find it quite as far-fetched to think that human beings’ brains tend to form patterns as they generate dream sequences.   After all, dreams are presumably our brain’s way of sifting through and processing the information and sensations that it collected during the day.  Since we’re all wired reasonably similarly in that regard, it might not be so crazy to think that a ‘falling dream’ would tend to occur in response to a specific set of stimuli..and a ‘in front of everyone naked’ dream would tend ot occur in response to a different set of stimuli, right?

Well, I don’t know.  It’s the sort of ‘science’ that bleeds too readily into pseudoscience and hocus-pocus.  And admittedly, dream ‘interpretation’ often comes off sounding like the rantings of a TV Psychic or something.  “You say you dreamed of a run-down house?  Ah, clearly you are experiencing feelings of self-deprecation.  Did you dream of a racoon?  Then you are preoccupied with theivery and deceit!”   I mean, I think most of us could be accused of wending toward self-deprecation for one reason or another on a fairly-regular basis unless the person in question just has a really magnificent self-esteem; does it follow that it’s so much a part of your current consciousness that THAT is why you dreamed about a house?  Isn’t it just as likely you just dreamed about a house because you were thinking about houses today, and the ‘self-deprecation’ you  touched upon briefly while examining your figure in a full-length mirror didn’t enter into your brain’s decision to dream about it in the slightest?

Hard to say.  I really don’t know.

The upshot is that it probably doesn’t matter all that much.  Whether I’m dreaming about a house because of some deep-seated anxiety about my appearance or not really doesn’t change anything, but the question does rate (for me at least) as somewhat interesting.

I have a recurring dream that I’m in a run-down part of a city and I don’t know how I got there or how to get home.  I am surprisingly calm about this, as I have the idea that if I can just find a phone, I can call someone who will come pick me up.  The dilemma, I face, though, is that the streets are deserted and I’m leery of the houses, which are old and run-down.  I keep wandering up and down the road (which is old and cracked) and trying to talk myself into going up to one of the houses to ask for help.  I just have the sense that no one in these parts is likely to be too friendly.

And there are weeds everywhere.  The yards are all overgrown, and the streets, as I said, are patched and cracked.  It’s a very ugly, desolate place, and it’s nowhere I’ve ever seen before, as far as I know.  But I have found myself there several times over the years, enough that now when I find myself suddenly there, I think, “Oh no..not THIS place again.” even in the dream.

There is an online Dream Dictionary at  It kind of has that New Age Herbs and Crystals look to it, and probably is not the most scientific collection of interpretive data around, but it’s still interesting to read.  Everything is nicely sorted into categories, alphabetically, etc.  It’s handy that way.  Near as I can figure, they would say that that dream signifies a feeling of being alone, cast aside and misunderstood.

I can kind of see this… But is it just because that sort of thing could technically be true anytime or significant to my current situation?  I don’t know.  Interesting.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to my usual song-and-dance.


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