Sleep, Day 6: Bunco Night

April 18, 2009 at 11:12 am

I failed again.  Maybe I should just push this back by a whole week at this point?   I mean, this time I had an excuse, since last night was Bunco Night, and I came home late enough that I couldn’t really get in any walking WITHOUT blowing my bedtime, but still.  I really had hoped to do better than this.

I actually forgot about Bunco this month until Cheryl called to ask if I wanted to ride with her to Angie’s house.   Cheryl was actually hosting, though Angie had volunteered her house so that Cheryl wouldn’t have to try and get her own house guest-ready in and around six kids ranging in age from fifteen down to four months.  An understandable compromise, and very nice of Angie; it just meant that Cheryl needed to get to Angie’s early, and so I would need to head out early too…which is why I didn’t get any walking in yet.

It was actually an amusing night, Buncowise.  I usually roll my first three or four rounds and then decide whether or not I’m going for Most Losses based on how I do.  Bunco is an INTENSELY random game that is utterly devoid of any sort of skill requirement, but our club does award a $5.00 prize to the person who loses the most rounds.  Usually it’s a close call; most of us fall right around 10 wins and 10 losses, since we play 20 rounds.  The outliers who take the Most Wins and Most Losses prizes might have managed a 15-5 split at most in either direction.

Not me.  Last night at the end of the night, I came away with 17 losses and 3 wins.  I was a SHOE-IN for the Most Losses prize.. except for one thing:

I had managed somehow to roll 3 Buncos, even as I lost gratuitously.  This meant I tied with four other women for the Most Buncos prize, which is the biggest money prize you can win.  In such cases we have a roll-off to see who wins.  I totally didn’t even care; the extra money was nice and all, but one way or another I figured I was going home with the $5 Most Losses prize, so ..whatever.

I rolled a six.   So I won 3 out of 20 rounds, and took home the big money.  Unbelievable.

What does this have to do with sleep or dieting or whatever?  Um…pretty much nothing.  Well, except for the fact that I kinda forgot it was Bunco Night and failed to plan accordingly, ADF-wise.  Not that it would have mattered, because in the grand tradition of Bunco Nights Since Jen Has Been Dieting, Bunco Night fell on a weekend that included social eating events on Saturday as well.    In this case, my family’s combined Spring Birthdays Celebration took place at Anna’s house today, so I couldn’t NOT eat.

Therefore, I ate a lot of crudites and tried to keep anything else to a bare minimum.  I’ll probably still pay for it later.  I also indulged in some Cherry Wine and Strawberry Daquiri that Cheryl brought, just because I really wanted to.   That, if anything, was my ADF failing of the night, because both of them tasted more like soda than alcohol and therefore probably involved a lot of sugar.  They tasted really good, though.

At least I got my walking in, right?


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