Sleep, Day 7: Compliments!

April 19, 2009 at 7:05 pm

I screwed up sleep again, but church was fun this morning!

As much as I once whined about no one noticing my weight loss before, I really owe everyone around me an apology now.  Admittedly, a loss of 60 pounds is bound to be more noticeable than a loss of 40, but still.. when you think about it, 40 pounds of a 245-pound woman is a loss of …what, 16% of my body weight?  Where as 60 pounds is dropping my weight by a fourth of myself.  It’s still a lot of weight regardless, but the overall change in my body is much larger.

And people are so cute about talking to me about it now.  Church is about as equivalent to a ‘small town community’ as we get around here, and even so our particular church is pretty big.  It’s not unusual to go several weeks without seeing certain people, even if you and they are both attending every week.  We do, after all, have four church services to choose from, and enough Bible Study options that two people can pass like ships in the night fairly easily.

So even now, I’m running into people who really haven’t seen me since my weight loss became obvious.  The best was a woman I met at the Women’s Retreat who looked at me, frowned and looked again, and THEN greeted me.  “I didn’t even know who you WERE at first!  You look so different!  You look great!”

And it’s nice because everyone seems genuinely happy for me, too.  That sort of thing makes you feel like there’s a lot of good in humanity after all.  Hey, you’re looking good and you look healthy and you’re feeling good too!  I’m happy for you!”

It really is a nice feeling.

Unfortunately, between Bunco and the party yesterday, I’m not sure what to expect from the weigh-in tomorrow.  It would be NICE to get down to 180 this week, but that’s pretty ambitious.  We’ll see.


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