Cleaning, Day 1: A Fresh Start!

April 20, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Okay… so sleep was a bust.  I admit it.    I keep trying to understand why that particular goal always ends up being such a challenge, but the answer I come up with is probably too deep and involved to go into here.  So we’re not going to analyze it; instead, we’re going to just start over with something new and move on to more potentially successful habits instead.

I have actually been making it a point recently to make my bed.  This started while Andy was gone this past week.  Mom dropped by at one point to show me a bedspread she’d ordered from LTD and ask whether or not I’d like to use it.  It’s a patchwork quilt in colors that compliment the walls of my room, and I admitted I thought it would look nicer than the hand-me-down set from Anna we have been using until now.  I thanked her very much, and then went upstairs and promptly dismantled the bed and remade it with new sheets and a blanket that’s more appropriate for warmer weather, etc.  In the end it looked so nice that the next morning I felt driven to make it up again and straighten up my room.  Andy was coming back, and I sort of wanted the house to look nice for him.

He noticed and commented that he likes it when he comes into our room and the bed is made.  Not exactly an earth-stopping revelation, because I think most people would feel that way, but still…  It’s one of those things that comes down to taking pride in yourself and your environment, and I feel a little convicted that I haven’t been better about that sort of thing.  Andy has, of late, tried to make the yard and the garage look better, and I think it would behoove me to do the same thing, especially since he’s told me he likes it.

So… I think for the next three weeks, I’m going to try to make making my bed a priority.  I would also like to make it a priority to clean up the kitchen after every meal.   My habit to date has been to get the kids fed and then flee for a few precious minutes of Me-time, which I unfortunately tend to draw out more than I should.  The kids know they are supposed to put their dishes in the sink when they’re done, but A) they don’t always succeed, and B) even when they do, they don’t wipe down the counters or sweep, which needs to be done whenever Luke eats anything.  He is still at the age where his motor skills fail him sometimes when it comes to moving food from plate to mouth.   Ergo: stuff tends to sit in the kitchen until I arrive to make the next meal, which means meal prep is often delayed because I want the kitchen ready to go before I start cooking.  It would certainly make more sense to eat lunch WITH the kids and then clean up right afterward.

I’m not going to put as much emphasis on the latter, though.  Mainly, I figure my bed is my priority right now.  If I can just get into the habit of making my bed every day, I’ll feel I’m making progress.

Of course, all other standard things will continue.  I will still do ADF, will continue to walk, etc.   I am too close to 180 to NOT at this point.


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