Cleaning, Day 3: This one is not about cleaning…

April 22, 2009 at 9:22 am

The downside to making ‘cleaning’ my goal is that there just isn’t much to WRITE about. 😉    So yeah.. today I made my bed, and the kitchen is clean!  Somehow there’s just not much more to say about it.  I guess I could wax long and philosophical about the various types of pillows on my bed, or the challenges inherent with removing discarded Jell-O from a linoleum floor, but I somehow doubt that’s very interesting to read.

Let’s move on.

Today’s an Up day, which is probably good.   I’m finding that once again I’m just stressed enough that yesterday’s Down Day was really tough.   My brain keeps ruminating over some unpleasant things, and I found myself repeatedly wandering into the kitchen looking for a pleasant distraction.   Granted,  that’s not exactly a healthy thing to do even on an Up Day, but it was especially hard to make myself turn around and leave the kitchen yesterday.   Today is the first Up Day in awhile that actually felt like a relief after a long trial.

I am STILL not journalling, though.  And I really need to, because lingering here at the 180 mark is just not something I want to do long-term.   I just can’t motivate myself to take the time lately.  My Fridge Graph has been very encouraging, since my weight has stayed well below the goal line, but still.  I guess I shouldn’t put too much emphasis on that, though, since that goal line was kind of unreasonable to begin with.  It has me losing about 100 pounds in eight months, which would have Weight Watchers and my Wii Fit screaming bloody murder at me.

Going to keep this short today.  I’m walking and chatting, and distracted.  More tomorrow.


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