Cleaning, Day 4: Cleaning Philosophy

April 23, 2009 at 10:40 am

Another day, another ‘Yes, I made my bed and cleaned the kitchen’ post. 😉   But maybe I was too dismissive yesterday about the philosophical side of cleaning.  Perhaps there is content to be explored there, and I am being cavalier to overlook it?  Let’s see.

Many, MANY, MANY women out there swear by the time-honored, tried-and-true approach to cleanliness endorsed by that enigmatic winged bastion of Internet Discipline known as the FlyLady.   I must confess, there was a time when I joined the ranks of her admirers, signed onto her Yahoo! group, took to heart the need to make my kitchen sink shine every night, and blithely obeyed the E-mails telling me it was time to go declutter a drawer or clear out a hot zone.   And I have nothing whatsoever to say against her approach, either; for the time when I was doing it, it did work.    And a lot of my friends still swear by it.

But I fell away pretty quickly, I’m afraid.  I found that the regimen, effective though it was, was pretty demanding.  I also am obviously ME, so I just plain got bored with it after awhile.   Once I felt like I had mastered the routine she was advocating, I was ready to be interested in the next new thing and leave that alone.  I’ve never really gotten myself together enough to go back to it since.

I am finding, though, that I think about Flylady a lot as I make my bed.   Flylady’s preoccupation with the kitchen sink has to do with sort of giving yourself a gift to wake up to in the morning.  Since most of the mess of your house is created in the kitchen, the sink is sort of the central cleaning hub of the home.  Waking up to a sink that is sparkling and ready to go presumably gives one a sense of being ready to face the day without any obstructions in the way.   So, by taking some time to make your sink ready in the evening before bed, you wake up the next day to a little happy gift to yourself.

Making one’s bed, I’ve decided, is sort of the same thing but in reverse.  Beds are just nice all the way around, but there’s something especially nice about crawling into a bed in which sheets and blankets are flat and neatly assembled so that there’s no fussing around to make sure you have the right ratio of quilt-to-sheet and such.   There’s that ever-desirable sensation of covers that are just the right weight for the weather, a perfect balance of cool and warmth, etc.  Somehow in a bed that has been neatly made, it’s easier to achieve that state of sleeping bliss.  Therefore, it’s especially nice to go upstairs to bed and find the bed made and ready for you.

So I’m glad I’m doing it, and I understand why Andy likes it.  Eventually I need to get to the point where the kids are making their own beds every day too.  We do try, but A) most of them are too young to do an effective job of it anyway, and B) those that are old enough are more interested in throwing covers together and calling it good than in doing the job right.  We’ll see.


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