Cleaning, Day 5: On My Own…

April 24, 2009 at 12:20 pm

Today was nice.  This is actually surprising, because it could easily have not been nice.  Andy is out of town for a conference this weekend through tomorrow, and I’ve had to hold down the fort and keep all four kids under control by myself.  Truth be told, it hasn’t been bad at all.   Last night I even took the whole crew out to a sit-down Chinese buffet, since it was sort of a special Just Us night and all.   Before we went in I talked to them about how we were going to handle the food-getting and managing the toddlers, and it went amazingly well.    No one spilled anything, no one argued.  Everyone received food in an orderly fashion and everyone ate a good amount.   Total win!

Also: Crab Rangoon.  Terrible for you, but oooh….  Everyone needs a Crab Rangoon now and then.

I am, again, on task with my cleaning.  In fact, being on my own has sort of galvanized me to ‘make good’ while Andy’s gone so he can come home to a house that isn’t a cluttered mess.  I really shouldn’t do this sort of thing to myself, I guess, because it’s a lot of pressure to put on myself when I’m having to do everything else without help.  All the same, I sort of want to prove to myself I CAN do it.   Trips like this in the past have been really stressful because all of the kids were so young and needed so much from me.  These days, the older two, at least, are reasonably self-sufficient and even capable of being a big help if I can get them into the proper spirit.  They’ve been pretty good today about helping me accomplish things and helping me keep Susanna and Luke busy.

All told, I think I did good today.  And it will be wonderful to crawl into my nice, made bed tonight and just watch whatever I want on TV without bothering anyone else.  There are certain little perks to Andy being gone. 😉


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