Cleaning, Day 14: Six Flags

May 3, 2009 at 9:03 pm

We spent the day at Six Flags today, so keeping the kitchen clean was no problem.  We did get the bed made before we left, too.  Go us.

My appetite is gone again, though.  In fact, I feel like I’m sort of wading through pea soup, or walking around in a fog.  The park today was good; I felt reasonably normal there… but something definitely isn’t right with me now and it worries me a little.

But I don’t want to dwell on that here.   I’m not walking tonight, since we walked plenty at the park today.  In fact, come to think of it, there was a lot of good I noticed there.   If you’ll remember, one of the reasons why I wanted to lose weight initially was because last summer I was mortified to find I was having trouble fitting on some of the rides.   Fortunately, I never quite got to the point of not fitting or having to be turned away, but it was close enough to scare me.  One of my big goals, then, was to ride the Batman ride without worrying I wouldn’t fit.

Zack is finally tall enough to ride Batman, and as it happened the park was mostly deserted today.  Therefore, we were able to practically walk onto every ride.  We got on Batman and I took note:  not only did I fit just fine in the seat, but the overhead bar that comes down to hold you into place clicked three times before it stopped.  THAT was a nice feeling.

And Zack enjoyed the roller coaster, which was good too. 😉  We also took in the Evil Kneivel ride (which I maintain is the smoothest and most comfortable coaster in the park) and that, too, was a three-click deal.  It was wonderful. 😉

I also had sort of a nice surprise when we first entered the park.  St. Louis’  Six Flags has a kids’ park in the center of it called Bugs Bunny National Park.  To get there from the entrance involves a walk straight up a hill…  (Well, to be fair, to get from anywhere at the front of the park to anywhere else involves a walk up a hill…)   It’s not a terrible climb, but in the past I’ve always found myself reaching the entrance to BBNP winded, especially if I was pushing a stroller.   Today, we walked in and when we arrived at the BBNP entrance, I was actually sort of confused.  Wait…are we HERE already?  Why did I think it would be further away than this?  Well, duh…because I wasn’t even remotely winded yet!  Imagine that!

So it was a validating day, and I guess I needed that.  I wish I felt better right at the moment, but I guess it will pass.


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