Cleaning, Day 16: TMI! TMI!

May 5, 2009 at 8:08 pm

Just in time for Cinco De Mayo:  TMI stuff.  (That stands for ‘Too Much Information”, for the uninitiated).

Be forewarned. Click at your own risk.

My menstrual cycle has stopped.    After the big family argument on Friday,  I was actually relieved when my cycle started on Sunday because it suggested that some of my reaction was hormonal rather than overtly emotional.   However, it was not a typical cycle from the beginning, and as of yesterday it seems to have …stopped.  Completely.

I am not someone who suffers from menstrual irregularity much.   When I’m pregnant or nursing, sure… that’s just biology there.. but otherwise I can usually pretty much count on a 28-day cycle, almost to the day.   It’s probably one of the reasons why I’m so ridiculously fertile; I seem to be able to get pregnant if I just THINK about it.   This would explain, of course, my 4-ranked brood.   Granted, as of Luke measures have been taken to ensure that it doesn’t happen again — my doctor worries I’ll suffer a uterine rupture if I try, thanks to the four C-sections — but that obviously doesn’t affect my menstrual cycle.  It still goes along like nothing’s changed.

So this abrupt stop is new.  And of course, topping the list of factors that contribute to such things are: Stress (check), Diet (check) and Exercise (check).  Of course, the latter two are only a factor if something has significantly changed… you’ve suddenly changed your diet or you’ve suddenly increased your exercise level.   However, in my case, the Stress and Diet go hand-in-hand, since apparently my current stress level is making me not want to eat AT ALL.

At least there’s an explanation.  I just wonder what to expect now.  Will it remain stopped until the stress goes away?  Will I simply skip this round and start up again in four more weeks?  How does this work?

I guess I’ll find out. :/

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