Money, Day 12: Spa Day!

October 30, 2009 at 9:17 am

This has less to do with money than it does with following up on something from awhile back.  (But there is money stuff at the end, so it’s not a total wash of a post.)

My regular readers might recall that my SUPER AWESOME AMAZING INCREDIBLE FRIENDS got me a Mom’s Escape Day package at a local spa last fall.   At the time I was stressed out because I was trying to homeschool my two older boys while trying to keep Susanna, who was three, and Luke, who was not quite two, from destroying the house.  All of this in and around my other commitments, and I was, to be be blunt, losing my ever-loving mind.   So they chipped in and got me this wonderful awesome package.  I was floored and very touched.

However, I put off using it.  For one thing, it arrived when I was still quite obese, and I decided to make it an added incentive to hit the 180-pound mark, which is why it was discussed here.  I did hit that mark, but still put it off, citing time and childcare constraints.  Those were true, but plain old Being A Big Chicken played a role there too. 😉  I’ve never been to a spa before, and my self-image isn’t that great even now. The idea of nudity, however, chaste, in front of a stranger is very awkward.

But I was resolved not to let such a thoughtful gesture go to waste, so I finally called and set up to go in yesterday while Mom watched Susanna and Luke.   I found the place okay, arrived on time, and as far as I could tell didn’t commit any terribly horrendous faux pas.  By that token alone, I call it a victory for me, but I as an added bonus, the facial was heavenly and the massage was excellent too.   So in case I didn’t express my thanks enough when this gift arrived, let me take this moment to say how much I appreciate what you all did for me one more time.  You are the most amazing friends ever!

I did check my balance today.  Yep…still $37!   Oh, but I can knock corn chips off my shopping list!  One of the families coming over tomorrow is going to bring them. 🙂  I’m doing good today: the beans are soaking for the chili, the check for Trunk or Treat tonight is turned in.  The kids’ costumes are mostly assembled, and I’m doing final-touch stuff now.    Candy is already bought, so aside from Corn Dogs At Sonic tonight, I don’t think I have anything left to buy.   So I’m doing good. 🙂


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