ADF Hardcore, Day 8: One Week Down!

June 28, 2010 at 11:11 pm

I woke up this morning and weighed myself.  169.2.  I didn’t check the Wii Fit because there wasn’t time; I had to get to work.  But still… 169.2 is definitely below the 170 mark, so I’ll take it.

The hunger on Down Days is getting more manageable again.  I used to tell the people who asked that if they can get through the first week, they’ll find it gets easier…  I’m always a little surprised to be vindicated by my own experience, but here we are.  It’s still sort of a bummer to wake up and say, “Wait, do I eat today?  I don’t? Aww…”  but that ‘awww’ feeling is already carrying less disappointment than it did.  Eh, so I won’t eat.  Tomorrow will be totally worth it, so it’s fine.

I actually really put myself through hell today, though.  I promised the kids we’d make Snickerdoodles, which was a promise made without thinking the matter through very carefully.  In the first place, there’s the obvious fact that it’s a Down Day and I would be, you know, MAKING COOKIES on my Down Day.  That’s just mean to oneself right there.  But add to that the fact that it was a day I worked and the kids and I didn’t even get home until after 6:30, and there just plain wasn’t time.  So I made the cookie dough and promised the kids we’d bake the actual cookies tomorrow. They were okay with that, fortunately.

However, I went ahead and soundly punished myself anyway by making a second batch to bring to work.  I actually managed to do it without licking fingers or eating any cookie dough.  That’s saying something, believe me.


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