ADF Hardcore, Day 9: The Accidental Vegetarian

June 29, 2010 at 4:23 pm 5 comments

Pangie would be proud of me.  I realized today that for all intents and purposes, I’ve been a vegetarian for over two weeks now.  I didn’t make this a goal or anything; I’ve never been especially attached to meat anyway, which is why my Lenten moratorium on meat was sort of a weird time for me.  I do LIKE meat, and there are lots of meat dishes I enjoy, but as a rule I don’t tend to crave it.

In fact, my childhood experiences with meat weren’t that great.  My mother is a self-avowed cooking hater, and while she has a couple of dishes that are notoriously yummy, as a rule she never did enjoy cooking and, looking back, didn’t do it especially well outside of those couple of dishes.  My father might be better at it, I don’t know, but as a rule he didn’t do any cooking so it’s sort of moot.

I remember as a kid, my parents would serve beef.  I have no idea if the cut in question was supposed to be a steak or a roast or what, but it would appear on my plate as dryish lumps of torture that I would chew and chew and chew, helpless to swallow until I finally gave up and spit the meat out into a napkin.  Mom would serve it with Green Goddess dressing, which usually served as a segue into a scolding because I always managed to put too much on my plate.  Amusingly, though, for years I didn’t realize that Green Goddess was supposedly designed to be put on salads.  I apparently believed it was made as a meat dip.

Chicken was always decent, I guess.  Fried chicken especially, but even in that case I was drawn to deepfried breaded skin, not so much the flesh beneath.  And I pretty much have never cared that much for turkey, which is probably why I’ve been accidentally vegetarian during the last few years’ celebrations of Thanksgiving.  I fill my plate with what I want, there’s no room for the turkey, and I just sort of fail to go back and get some later.

Fish, I have never cared for much, although ironically I’ve been finding more fish I like lately.  There was a sample day at Schnuck’s one day when I went, and they had a prepared sea bass of some kind.  I tried it and actually liked it.  Huh.

Pork is probably my only holdout.  I have said before that I could go vegetarian if it weren’t for bacon.  The truth is, pork steaks, pork chops, pork sausage, etc. would be a sacrifice.  Ham, not so much, but the others, yes.

The thing is, I looked back today because Lucas failed to eat his dinner.  He had left almost an entire fish filet uneaten, and I was debating whether or not it was worth it to me to eat it in the name of Not Wasting Food, given that fish isn’t really my thing.  I realized that it’s been a good while since I actually HAVE eaten any meat, just because I haven’t been eating half the time, and when I AM eating, I’m usually at work.  At night I’ve been making sort of fast-and-dirty meals for the kids (a fact of which I’m not proud, but there you go) and snacking on various other things for myself.  In the end, it’s probably been two or three weeks since I’ve eaten meat.

That’s weird.  Well, maybe not.  My work puts me more in contact with the Environmentalist crowd than I ever was before, so I’m naturally exposed to more vegetarianism than I was before, Pangie notwithstanding.   So it’s not the trend so much as the fact that I wasn’t REALLY trying to do it.   I thought about it, yeah, but I didn’t actually set out to do it.

The cookies were a hit at work today.   In fact, they were a hit across the board.  Andy came to get Zack and Noah this morning and had one.  He declared that it was ‘the best cookie I’d ever made’.   I had a few; they tasted pretty good, I admit. 😉


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  • 1. Pangie  |  June 30, 2010 at 11:42 pm


    That’s about how I got going down the vegetarian/vegan path: I just don’t like meat. The big difference, though, is that pork/ham/bacon/sausage/whatever dead pig products were the very first meat I stopped eating. Yuck!

  • 2. midwestchickadee  |  July 1, 2010 at 7:51 am

    I found that I acquired a taste for fish as well later in life…and fresh caught fish is the best. Too bad I couldn’t find a way to either bring some home or ship you something yummy from Alaska. I’m looking forward to the Salmon and Crab.

    And I eat more chicken than meat. I find that meat actually upsets my stomach.

  • 3. Pangie  |  July 1, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    And I eat more chicken than meat. I find that meat actually upsets my stomach.

    I would just like to point out that what you said makes zero sense. Chicken is meat.

  • 4. Melalvai  |  July 2, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    There’s a greater variety of frozen fish at the grocery stores in recent years, like the salmon farms in Chile. I’ve never liked fish sticks and such too much, but I really like plain frozen fish with a few seasonings, like lime and salt. It’s definitely one of the easier dishes to prepare–put the frozen fish in the oven at 400 or 425, whatever the package says, and start the rice cooker at the same time, heat up some frozen veggies in the microwave when the rest is done.

  • 5. Jennifer  |  July 3, 2010 at 6:10 am

    Well, to be fair, in culinary circles the word ‘meat’ refers to the flesh of quadrupeds, with the word ‘poultry’ reserved for birdflesh. I only know this because someone, at some point, gave me a cookbook called ‘The Everything Meat Cookbook’, and I was frustrated that there were no chicken recipes in it. The culinary rules for preparing beef, lamb and pork run quite a bit different from those for preparing turkey and chicken, so…

    I actually just pulled that cookbook out of my collection and put it in a box to sell. I was tempted to give it to either Pangie or Chris as a joke, but decided that even I am not that crass. 😉

    I think I need more exposure to fish before I’m ready to commit to it as a meal choice in my own kitchen. (That’s code for: feel free to invite me over and serve fish. ;))

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