ADF Hardcore, Day 12: Will of STEEL!

July 2, 2010 at 3:28 pm

Wow…   For a Christianity-focused program, VBS was just RIFE with temptation!

My kids attend two Vacation Bible Schools during the summers: the one held by my home church and the one held by one of our ‘sister’ churches, which happens to be just a few miles away.   This past week was the second, and the program ended today.  As per tradition, the closing was followed by a nice little hotdog-and-snacks luncheon in the church’s fellowship hall/gymnasium.

As foodstuffs go, hot dogs and chips aren’t usually enough to tempt me too much.  I like chips as well as the next person, I admit, and hot dogs have their moments too… but on the whole avoiding the offerings today wasn’t a huge chore.  I got myself a cup of water and was pretty okay.

Then they brought out the ice cream. >_<  Ugh.

I did good, though.  I followed my ADF mandate and grabbed a cup of ice cream and took it home.  It was pretty melty by the time it reached my freezer, but it’s there, waiting for me.

Tomorrow starts my Birthday Weekend, as a friend and I have plans to go out for sushi after work.  ^_^  I cannot wait!


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