ADF Hardcore, Day 13: Cornucopia

July 3, 2010 at 5:34 am

I woke up this morning to find presents on my porch.   My parents left for a weekend at the Lake, and apparently dropped the sack of gifts on my porch on their way out of town last night.  The kids were very excited, but I have decreed that I will not open them until my actual birthday, which is not until Monday.

However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t celebrate today.  😉  Or I did, anyway.  If there’s one thing I dislike about doing ADF Hardcore, it’s the fact that I am not finding myself as eager to eat healthier on the Up Days now.  That may not be a symptom of the Hardcore part of it, though; it might just be sort of a BTDT situation.  Having done this thing as long as I have now, I no longer feel the same conviction to be good to my body on the Up Days.  That’s something I really need to get back into, though.

There wasn’t much to report today, although, as I said, tonight there shall be Sushi.  I didn’t work today, but my friend gets off at 5:00 and I’ll be meeting him then.   Sushi is so trendy these days that I almost hate admitting that I love it as much as I do.. but I’ve always loved Asian food of pretty much every stripe, so I guess I come by it honestly.   One of my favorite things to get at the restaurant we’re going to tonight is their Octopus Salad.  It’s not the sort of thing I would have expected to like, as unadventurous as I tend to be with seafood, but there’s something about octopus that appeals not only to my palate but also my brain.  Maybe it’s the fact that I can still see the suckers on the chunks?

Which brings me to another observation I have made lately.  I tend to prefer foods that are harder to eat.  I like breads with texture, I prefer edamame in pods rather than shelled.  Ditto with peanuts or sunflower seeds.   Octopus is like that too, because the appeal is more about texture than taste; octopus really has no taste at all.  It’s just sort of solid and chewy, and that appeals to me.  I’m not sure why, but I’m noticing this trend fairly consistently now.

It should be noted, though, that ‘difficulty’ in this case is isolated to texture.  ‘Complicated to eat’ is not the same thing…  Foods that are oversized for the average human mouth, for example, need not apply.  Also, foods presented in such a way that they look like a Rube-Goldberg device about to crash and burn are also to be avoided.  😉


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