ADF Hardcore Day 15: Happy Birthday To Me

July 5, 2010 at 10:59 pm

Okay, so I DID NOT Fast today.  It’s my birthday, and fasting on one’s birthday is against the Rules.   So while I guess technically this constitutes an ADF failure, I’m not going to count it as one.  I plan to shift my fasting days up a day to accommodate, which is certainly permissible, yes? 😉

It is, because I say it is.  And as we know, this blog-ADF-whatever diet is my own creation, so I can make that kind of declaration and feel okay about it.  😉

I really didn’t go crazy today; I just boldly went out for Chinese food after work today.  During work I kept it light, although some mean person had brought in a box of those lemon-sandwich Girl Scout Cookies and left them on the table in the Break Room.  The rule at work is that anything left on the break room table is ‘fair game’, and I admit… I took a couple.  At first I was going to just be good and not eat much until dinner, but that part of my brain that works against my better intentions won out there.  “But you decided you’d EAT today.   Why not just have one? Or two?”  etc.

That’s the part of one’s brain that is so nefarious.  The Devil On One’s Shoulder, quietly justifying poor choices.

Anyway.. Dinner out was good.  I’m getting more sophisticated about sushi too, thanks to Chris. 😉   I’m still kind of new at the Sushi thing, and frankly I haven’t had time to acquaint myself with some of the finer points of the stuff beyond identifying for myself that I like this kind of roll a lot, and not so much that one.   However, it took until Saturday night for me to realize that the pile of pink stuff often served along side sushi rolls is not, in fact, raw shavings of some kind of fish flesh.  I feel silly, but I had always assumed that’s what it was and I avoided it.  Turns out it’s something called Gari, a kind of pickled ginger that’s intended to ‘cleanse the palate’ between sushi rolls.  Also turns out it tastes pretty good, so I had some again tonight and enjoyed it.

I went ahead and asked Andy to join us for my birthday meal.   He accepted, and it was pleasant enough.  He did vindicate me somewhat, though, in that when I returned to my place with my little heap of gari next to my sushi rolls, he made a comment about the ‘raw fish’ I had decided to eat. 😉   So at least it’s not just me.


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