ADF Hardcore, Day 18: Oh, Blessed Thursday

July 8, 2010 at 9:37 pm

I have come to LOVE my Thursdays.    I don’t work, I get to eat.  Seriously, what’s not to love?

The problem is that I AM, in fact, eating.  I was given the remnants of the Cheesecake from work to bring home (but not, thankfully, the syrup), and I’ve been eating that. There’s also the ice cream left over from my birthday celebration.  There’s also snack foods and other unhealthy things sitting around.  It’s very much a smorgasbord of complete and utter dietary crap around here.

This is what I meant earlier this week when I said that I was not feeling as convicted to eat *well* on my Up Days as I was before.  Back in the early days, I was so concerned about the potential for nutritional gaps in my intake that I made a concerted effort to stick to good, wholesome foods on the days when I was allowed to eat.  Now I’m sliding into a ‘It’s my Up Day and I’ll gorge myself on crap if I want to.’ mindset that I really need to kick. 

Seriously, if I come out of this week weighing 170 or less, I’m calling it good.  I haven’t exercised AT ALL, and given what I’m eating I totally don’t deserve to have lost anything.

By the way: Happy Birthday to Nell.  🙂


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