ADF Hardcore, Day 19: FAIL! Or not… Oh heck, I don’t know anymore.

July 9, 2010 at 6:55 pm

Bah.  I failed again. 

Well, sort of.   I mean, I can still switch out today and tomorrow, and I probably will… so I can save it.  But this whole week has been such a mess, I’m tempted to call it a failure and just try to start fresh on Monday.

What happened today was that I planned somewhat badly.   My daughter, S, and I have a tradition of spending ‘Girl Time’ together.   She has three brothers, and though she enjoys feminine things like dolls, babies and clothes, she often feels a little left out of the boys’ adventures.  They’re typical brothers, not always good about including her or being kind to her, and she sometimes wishes she were a boy.

So, whenever I can, I try to make Being a Girl as good a thing for her as possible.  We plan a day and dress up, do our hair, paint our nails and play with makeup.  I take her out for a fancy Just Us meal and we go shopping.  

SHe’s been after me to do another one of these, and given the recent divorce I was starting to feel it was important to make it a priority.  Then it turned out that my sister’s girls’ birthday party was going to fall while my kids would be out of town for a family reunion with their Dad this weekend.  So… I suggested my sister bring her girls and we could just expand our Girls’ Day to include them.  My sister was okay with that, and we set about figuring out a good day/time.

Well, it turned out the good day/time was today, and stupid me, I didn’t even think about ADF when I agreed to it.  Not good.

Admittedly, I ate conservatively.  I had a Portabello sandwich with roasted bell peppers and spinach, and a Hearts of Palm salad.   Good, reasonably wholesome stuff.  But still, it was stuff… and there ought not have been stuff.  To make matters worse, shopping necessarily included the Riverside Sweets shop, which meant candy for the kids and an utterly unnecessary 1/2-pound block of Vanilla Walnut fudge for me.  I did NOT eat the whole thing, but I ate some.  I pawned the rest off on the kids and on Colleen. 😉

So I will need to swap out today with tomorrow.  Meh.  That works out okay, I guess.  I just wish this week wasn’t so weird.

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