ADF Hardcore, Day 20: Ow ow ow!

July 10, 2010 at 12:17 pm

I haz a migraine. 😦

..and it hurts.

I get migraines only once in awhile, so they’re not the issue for me they are for some women I know.  However, I have discovered that they usually stem from one of two things:

1.  That Time of the Month, or

2.  Some kind of Dietary concern.

I only run into the second once in a great while.  The last time was last November, when everytime I came to work I seemed to go home with tunnel vision.  What I finally figured out was that the problem was that I wasn’t really eating ANYTHING at work, and somehow that was giving me a headache.  One day I ate a few crackers and the migraine went away.

However, that is not the case here.  This is a case of #1.    That means that by the time I weigh in on Monday I’ll be dealing with the usual PMS water-retention weight gain in addition to whatever my hedonistic week spent eating fudge and cake and ice cream did to me.  I’ll be lucky, I think, not to weigh 175. 😦

I wasn’t even good today, honestly.  I ate good stuff, but I still ate.  Lunch was a Health Blend (my favorite, in fact: Healthy Heart.  It has BARLEY in it!  Mmm..), with a few cherries (thank you, C) and some whole wheat bread and hummus.   Dinner was a baked zucchini stuffed with vegetables.   By normal ADF standards I probably came in well under the 20% mark, but by Hardcore Standards I have OFFICIALLY failed now.

Oh well. :/  Monday is a new week.


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