ADF-EDD, Day 1: Not a bad start

July 12, 2010 at 5:12 pm

Okay.. so my weigh in this morning said I weighed 170.0 exactly.    Considering the past week and the circumstances, I’m actually impressed.  Technically this means I actually lost weight, which is saying something.

I walked for an hour this morning, and burned 353 calories.  Not too shabby.  So far I think this could work out just fine, but my legs REALLY hurt now.   The question is why?  I didn’t walk especially fast or have an unusual incline going, and while I admit I’ve been lax about walking daily lately it’s not as if it’s been THAT long.  Or has it?

It could be the shoes Mom got me, though.   One of my birthday gifts was a pair of one of those funky pairs of tennis shoes that has a curved sole.  It’s supposed to help tone your rear end and thighs as you walk around, because your heel starts low and rolls high, which ostensibly tones muscles more than simple walking does?  I’ve worn them at work for a few days, and I sometimes notice a faint ache in my legs, but nothing like what I’m feeling today.  Of course, today I’m wearing my tan corduroy Airwalk shoes, and those have almost no appreciable sole at all.  Maybe that’s part of it?

I don’t know.  I heard from a guest the other day that Nike is now coming out with its first No-Support shoe.  After generations of bragging up their shoes’ support of ankles, arches and whatever, they have discovered men in Kenya who run inhumanly fast who never wear shoes at all.  So now, I guess, the theory is that we’ve been doing it wrong, and that letting nature strengthen your feet and muscles is the right way to go about it after all.

Not quite sure what I think of that, but regardless, my legs hurt. 😉  But I did have some guilt-free vegetable soup for lunch and plan to have an even more guilt-free salad for dinner.  So there.


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