ADF, Day 5: Clothing!

December 18, 2010 at 9:34 pm 1 comment

Second day of my first weekend.  Believe it or not, I’m already noticing good things. 

I have this one pair of khaki pants that I wear to work a lot.  They’re size 14, and for awhile there they were getting downright loose on me.  Then I went off ADF and found they actually started feeling tight.  I actually think that, more than anything else, started me back on a crusade to find the wagon and again and crawl back onto it.

So I wore them today, and while I can’t say they were exactly loose, at least fastening them didn’t require any fancy footwork.  They were snug, but comfortable… but that does mean I’ve already shed a few pounds with this.

I also woke up and realized that I was expected at work at 11 instead of 8:30, as I had previous assumed, so I was good and walked.  I polished off the last of the Cranberry Nut Bread for breakfast and had planned to skip lunch entirely just because of the way the day’s schedule worked out.  Going in at 11 meant I wouldn’t have a 30 minute lunch break, but 10:30 seemed too early to eat anyway… so I figured it wasn’t worth it to bother packing anything to eat today.   I’d just work through and reward myself with a good, solid dinner tonight. 

Then I got to work and C was rather insistent that he wanted to eat lunch with me, so I took a 15 minute break and mooched blistered peanuts and his Trader Joe’s Super-Seeded tortilla chips off of him for a little while.  Probably not the healthiest lunch, but not the unhealthiest either.    We met up after church tonight to run up to the Mills together, and he treated me to vegetarian fajitas at La Carreta on the way.   It was good, and probably healthier than what I’d have made for myself at home anyway.

So all told, it was a good day.  I have my Christmas shopping done, my work pants fit better, and I got some good social time in.


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