ADF, Day 6: Back to the Grind

December 19, 2010 at 12:17 pm 1 comment

I think I like my new ADF schedule.   It is a lot easier to fast while I’m at work, and so far today I’ve had a cup of tea and my vitamins, and that’s it.  I should probably drink more water, though.  I’ll make it a point to do that this afternoon.

Today is the kids’ piano recital, though, and that will be interesting.  Fortunately, the plan is for some little cookie reception afterward, and I think I can weather that pretty well.  The kids are staying at their dad’s tonight, so I can slip away early if I need to.  Of course, I always say that and then I’m so happy to see the kids that I end up lingering anyway.  I’ll just be resolute about being good.

I am noticing a little spaciness today.   This morning at work, for example, we had a child throw up in the coat room.  Laura and I handled the cleanup, which is surprisingly nonoffensive thanks to the miracle that is Absorbant Vomit Sawdust, or whatever it’s called.  At the end of the process, I went to re-line the trash can we were using with a new bag, and found myself completely stymied by the process of tying a knot in the bag to keep it from slipping.  I put the bag in, then tried to tie the knot and was confused because there wasn’t enough material left over to get any sort of loop going.   Laura amusedly pointed out that the process goes much easier if you tie the knot BEFORE putting the bag in the trash can.  Oh.  Right. 

So that’s not so good, but if I recall correctly, it does pass.  Just as long as I don’t lose my way on the way to Zion for the concert today.


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  • 1. Iain  |  December 31, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    So did the holidays derail your 21’ing? It certainly delayed the start of my next one!

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