ADF Day 1ish: Marathon Week

June 8, 2011 at 8:00 pm 1 comment

I’m not sure about starting a 21-week plan on a Wednesday.    Strictly speaking, I should have begun on Monday, as that was when Pangie suggested we start our Marathon Week.   Unfortunately, Monday coincided with some other stuff that was going on, and I forgot all about it.

I guess I should explain that one.  Marathon week is a fitness challenge Pangie found somewhere.  I forget where.  It’s a simple concept, though: you simply try to ‘run a marathon’ over the course of a week…  Except you don’t necessarily have to run.  You can walk or skip or jog or swim or whatever.  You just need to do 26.2 miles of whatever it is over the course of a week.

So, strictly speaking I started yesterday… and I guess that means YESTERDAY should be Day 1.  I fast MWF, so technically it could be, but I don’t know that Tuesday is any better a day to start than Wednesday.  Anyway, I didn’t journal yesterday, so…

I walked two miles on the treadmill, and then another two miles in the afternoon.  Today I did the Towers Road walk, which added another six to that, so I’m up to ten.  Not too bad for Wednesday.  If I can pull 4 miles each day for the next four days, I’ll be in good shape.

But really, that’s just a fun thing on the side.  The real issue for me right now is that I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 190.   I’ve been bouncing around between 180 and 189 for a good while now, and that was bad enough…  But there is apparently a scale of alarm in place here that looks like this:

160 — I weigh about as much as most women my age!  This rocks!

170 — Not great, but not bad.  Still less than I weighed when I got married, so..

180 — Erg.  I should really lose weight.  Tomorrow.  I’ll start tomorrow.

190 — OH HELL NO.

So that’s where I’m at.  Oh Hell No.  So today I fasted almost hardcore and had coffee for breakfast and a salad for dinner, and that’s it.  And I walked tonight, as I said, and I’m journaling now.  I also wrote down everything I ate, so I’m Food Journaling as well (not that that was hard today, obviously.)

Jonathan Coulton is opening for the TMBG concert here in St. Louis on September 24th.   I’ve decided to shoot for getting down to a size 10 by the concert, although Pangie and I aren’t sure whether that’s even possible.  The last time I can remember being a size 10, I think I weighed something like 155.  That’d be a 35-pound drop in three and a half months.  I think I lost weight that fast when I started ADF, but I was also much heavier then.  It’s something to shoot for, though, so I’ll go with it.


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