ADF Day 4: 18 miles and counting…

June 11, 2011 at 8:51 am 1 comment

I’m working on miles 19 and 20 right now.  Not bad. 🙂  I’m proud of myself.  I also made it through Down Day Number Two with considerable success, and this morning the scale says I weight 186.8.  That’s post-Down-Day, so I’m probably at more like 188, but still.  I’m down, and that’s what matters.

Walking at work is, I’ve decided, a very good thing.  Taking myself out into the Garden to walk during the hard Mid-Morning Push Time turned out to be a good thing in many ways.  I got work done (I was writing up tour information for our volunteers, and it gave me a chance to look at the Garden from the viewpoint of looking for specific examples of things, and that was good), and there’s the obvious benefits that any exercise affords…  But there’s also something I hadn’t thought about before.

People watching is an interesting motivator.  And it doesn’t matter whether the people I’m watching are heavier or thinner than I am.  They motivate me no matter what.  It’s probably ungracious of me to think, “Well, I’m glad I’m not as heavy as SHE is…”, but I admit I do think it.  I probably think it more because I do remember when I WAS pretty big, and it reminds me of what I must have looked like and how glad I am that I haven’t let it get that bad again.   I may be overweight — and I am — but I am not grossly obese and that’s worth celebrating.

Thin people are good to watch too, though.  Working where I do, I am surrounded by a lot of the REI set.  They are mostly younger, single or married-but-childless people who spend their weekends hiking, rock-climbing, cycling.  I hear them chatting on Monday morning, comparing notes about how their trek at Castlewood State Park went on Saturday, and how the upcoming weekend’s plans at Meramec might shape up.   I feel a pang when I hear this, because I have the sense that if I’d been more on my game at that point in my life, I would have been right in there with them… hiking the trails, climbing rocks just because they’re there, and maybe even doing field work in the process.

But I was too insecure.  I spent that part of my life just trying to get through the days and be acceptable.  Anyway, it’s not like I can’t do those things now.  It’s just a little more complicated and must be worked in around childcare and financial concerns.   When Chris and I went to Johnson’s Shut-Ins and hiked, I scrambled up and over every rock I could, including the Devil’s Tollgate.  That’s how I like to enjoy my Nature; plunging in full-bore, looking at every side of it I can.  That’s why I love my job, I think; I can look at stuff up close and over and over again for a long time, and it’s what I’m getting PAID to do.  It’s not as Wild Nature as being out in the woods would be, but it’s still better than teaching in a classroom.

So being out and observing these people in their weathered khaki shorts, hiking sandals and sun-beaten athletic thin-ness is good too.  If I’m not actively trying to lose weight and exercise, they become a source of envy and shame… but as it is, I go down that road a couple of steps and then stop and say, “Well, no..wait.. I am working on it.  I’ll get there.” and then feel really good about what I’m doing.  Walking a treadmill and walking the Garden is not hiking and climbing, but it does address the fundamentals, and that’s what matters.  I’m moving, I’m sweating, I’m eating right.  That’s the bottom line.

Anyway, I didn’t give into temptation to EWC discarded snacks.  I was very good.  And on top of that, I’m on track to finish the Marathon goal, too, so hey…  Full snaps all around.



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  • 1. Pangie  |  June 13, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    I definitely understand the thin-people-motivation thing. Just wait until you come visit and see what Boulder is like. 🙂

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