ADF Day 7: One week down

June 14, 2011 at 5:33 am 1 comment

Wow… I really did it!  I mean, I guess I’ve pulled off full weeks before now, but I was really hardcore about the ADF part this week, and that sure wasn’t easy.

Plus, since I didn’t start walking until Tuesday of last week, I gave myself today to finish up errant walking miles for the Marathon Challenge.  So I nailed that one, too.  🙂

I am hard at thought about something completely unrelated to all of this… So even though it’s off-topic, I’m still going to write about it here.

The terms of our divorce state that within three years of the divorce date, the house we own together must either be refinanced into my name or sold outright.   The house is a good house, but it has crap siding and the back deck is literally falling apart.  Moreover, my exhusband had tried to resolve his financial SNAFUs by rolling a large chunk of debt into a the mortgage when we refinanced (as he explained it to ME) to ‘get a better interest rate and get out from under our PMI’.  As a result, there’s no way we’ll sell the house for what we owe on it.

Between that and the fact that my new job is some 30 miles away from where I live, the prudent course of action seems to be to attempt to sell.  I would then rent a house closer to work.  We’ve worked out a plan that is satisfactory to us both, and so now we’re in the process of cleaning, painting, packing and hauling to prepare to put the house on the market.  He will move back in around August and I’ll move to a rental, provided I can find one.

I’ve found a couple of really promising possibilities.  One of them nigh on broke my heart to let go, but taking it when it was available would have made it really difficult to keep the mortgage current while we sell the house.  I’m still not entirely convinced I shouldn’t have taken it anyway, because it was an amazing house for an amazingly affordable rental price, but I just keep telling myself that there must have been something wrong with that situation such that letting it go was better for me.

I have since found another option.  It’s located in a nice, safe neighborhood, less than 10 miles from my job.  Moreover, the route between my job and this house will take me right past the schools the kids will be attending next year, so dropping them off at school will be convenient and quick.  As if that’s not enough, the rent is over $500 less than I’m paying on my mortgage.  The overall savings, between gas and housing costs, that living in this house would afford me is almost $1,000 PER MONTH.

That’s pretty amazing.  And it gets higher when my youngest no longer needs to be in preschool.  The city also has publicly supported preschools and there are a couple of Lutheran preschools nearby too.  AND, one of my BH friends lives a few streets away, and she’s a SAHM.  She’s already said that if I need someone to grab my youngest after school, she’ll be happy to do it.

There are two downsides.  One is that it’s small compared to the house we have now.  Of course, the house we have now is a 2100-square-foot, 4 BR, 3BA house in the suburbs.  This one is a 1500-square-foot, 3BR, 2BA house in the city.   It’d be an adjustment down for us, but it’s still a whole lot larger than most of the other houses I’m finding in my price range.   My kids would have to share rooms, but they’re okay with that… and with that rent, I could put away serious savings toward buying a bigger house in just a few years.  So that’s not so bad, really.   It has a small yard, a two-car garage, and a full basement.  It could be a LOT worse.

The other is… harder for me, somehow.  If we moved there, we’d be the only caucasian family on the block.   Every other family that I’ve seen there is African American.  I would find this less worrisome if the neighborhood were more diverse, but as it is I’m a little uncomfortable.  This isn’t so much a racist concern as it is a social one.  I worry enough about being socially acceptable as it is; putting myself into a situation where I’m an obvious sore thumb from the word go is going to feel awkward.  The subdivision is safe and the people there upon whom I’ve laid eyes look like very nice people.  I just worry because I know there’s already considerable mistrust among strangers, and I’d be stranger than most there.  And so would my kids.  I don’t know.

My friend who lives thereabouts says her street is getting more culturally diverse.  Young couples are moving in because the housing is so affordable, so she’s seeing hispanic couples, multiracial couples, etc. walking together down the street these days.

I just don’t know.  Thoughts for/against?


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  • 1. Pangie  |  June 20, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    I wouldn’t let that discourage you from the house. It sounds like a perfect situation, financially. Also, this would give you a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and make friends when you feel like an outsider.

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