ADF Day ?: Calculations

December 14, 2012 at 6:33 am

I know I’ve fallen off the map with respect to blogging, but fortunately that doesn’t mean I’ve fallen off the wagon entirely.  When I started up again, I had let my weight creep up to 207, and at this point it’s at somewhere between 201 and 202. (My scale couldn’t seem to decide this morning; it’s digital and kept flipping back and forth.  Maybe I wasn’t standing still enough.)

To be fair, a five pound loss over however long it’s been is not exactly momentous… but at least it’s evidence that I was working at this somewhat.  I’m going to take that for what it’s worth, because in all genuine frankness, this is just not a time of year that lends itself well to the kind of concentration and time commitment I was able to devote to the effort the last time I did this.  Work life is full of meetings (which inevitably include some kind of pastries) and events, home  life is full of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and the detritus foods they leave behind.   Those are excuses, I know, but they’re not idle excuses.  Given all of the above, I’ll take my 5-pound loss and hug it and call it good.

And for whatever it’s worth, I’ve been pretty good about walking.  My schedule doesn’t readily accommodate a daily 1.5-2 hour block that I can commit to the treadmill that I was able to devote to it before, but on average I’m getting in about an hour every morning.  And at this point I’ve nudged myself up to 2.7 miles per hour and a 6% incline.  Anything less doesn’t feel like exercise now, so I’m doing something right.

Chris and I have planned our wedding for June 8th, 2013.  I did some quick calculations today and learned that that period of time breaks down as follows:

175 days ==  25 weeks == 8 21-day runs plus an additional week.

I would love to be down to 165 by the wedding.  That would put me at roughly a size 12, and I’d actually like my wedding pictures, which would be really nice.  That is about 37 pounds, and I think that’s pretty doable in the timeframe given provided I can find a way to concentrate on it and really do the thing right.  There was a time, after all, when I was dropping as much as eight pounds in a given 21-day run, and I think even b y conventional wisdom, 2 pounds per week is considered safe and reasonably healthy.

Putting numbers to it helps, too.  The hard part is that these next two weeks are going to be particularly tough.  Just today, in fact, I have a big luncheon to attend.  It’s an annual event put on by a huge local banking corporation that sponsors one of the grant programs I oversee as part of my job.  I’ve not been to this one before, but past experience suggests that not eating will be socially inappropriate.  That said, though, there will be a lot of slender businesswomen there who will undoubtedly eat like birds, so I can take cues from them.

Regardless, I’m walking now and I have a banana waiting. 😉  I should make this my new Day 1.


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