ADF Day 4: Back on the Treadmill Again…

December 17, 2012 at 6:16 am

I have no idea what today will bring, now that I think about it…

I am working on a grant-funded project focused on Inquiry-based science education.  Part of my role therein is to visit a school in the north part of the county to model Inquiry-style teaching to the teachers there.  This is my third year with this program and I like it, but it has its pitfalls.  One of them is that it caters to a population of teachers who are pretty terrible at communicating. 😉

Such is the issue today.  I had a lesson scheduled with four 4th grade classes two weeks ago that didn’t happen.  That it didn’t happen was my own fault, sort of; Noah was sick those days and I needed to stay home with him.   They were very understanding, as they are all very nice, wonderful people, but rescheduling the lesson has proven difficult.  I had proposed conducing the first part of the lesson today, but I haven’t heard back any sort of confirmation or anything.  I don’t know if they’re expecting me or not, so I’m assuming they’re not.

Still, I need to go up to the school anyway, as I have teacher observations to finish before the end of the quarter.  As the end of the quarter is, you know, FRIDAY, it’s important that I get up there and take care of it.  So I figure I’ll go up today regardless and just try to talk with the teachers to nail down a date to do the lesson during the first week of January.

This is all good, though; driving isn’t good exercise, but the running around will keep me too busy to think too much about lunch and away from any tempting food.

At any rate, I’m back on my treadmill again.  The 2.7 mph walking speed makes typing a bit of a challenge, but I like that I wind up my hour with calorie burned readouts in the upper 400s to lower 500s.    I really don’t know how the treadmill can claim to predict that given that I’m not holding on to any pulse readers as I walk, but the numbers are still a nice reference point.  If nothing else, I’m assured I’m doing more good now in some quantity or other than I was doing before.


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