ADF Day 1: It’s On Now

January 2, 2013 at 5:06 am

Okay.  The dreaded Holiday Season has passed, finally, and now I will be joining the throngs of Americans who return their thoughts to weight loss as part of a New Year’s Resolution.   I guess it’s nice not to be alone in this (not that I ever really am; I can nearly always count on Pangie to say, ‘Yeah! Let’s do it!” in response to any suggestion of a renewed effort in this quarter), and this time around I REALLY am not alone.   My wedding in June has become an impetus for my mother and sisters to start making a concerted effort also, so we’re all in it together now.

And we’re all trying for the same thing, which is kind of interesting.  My sisters and I fall everywhere on the weight scale.  Anna has typically been the thinnest, though she’s also the tallest… so she rarely looks like Kate or I do, but she sometimes wears the same size.  Two days ago we spent the day with my family to celebrate our ‘Christmas’, and Kate showed up with a green version of the dress she has been pitching as a potential bridesmaid dress in a size XL.  (The green version had been on sale, apparently, so she bought one to see how it fits.)  The fabric, as it happens, is forgivingly stretchy, so all three of us could wear it reasonably comfortably.

That said, though, I probably did need the 1X version.  But that’s okay.  None of us were exactly cheering about fitting into an XL, so the plan is to trim down so none of us need even the XL by the big day.

As per plans loosely set in place during out trip to Georgia for Christmas, it looks like June 8th will, in fact, be the big day.   We’re still waiting for final confirmation and deposit-paying with the venue, but we’ve toured the facility and notified them of our desired date.  The lady who led us around said the date is open, so hopefully by the end of this week we’ll have nailed that down for real.

So assuming that’s the case, we are T-minus 158 days and counting.  That rounds out to about:

5 months, 7 days, or

12 weeks, or

four 21-day cycles. 🙂

Not bad.  Not bad at all.  And frankly, I’d be happy to get down to 165, as I know I mentioned earlier.  Last time around I got there by June, and we’re still looking at about 3 pounds per week.

As per my morning weigh-in, I weigh 205.  Which is not happy news, but happier than I actually expected.  This past week and a half, with all the travelling and festivities, has been one of those wall-to-wall-food periods for me, and given that every last bit of it was ‘social’, I gave up and just resolved to fix it after the first.

And so far so good.  I wasn’t feeling well last night, so I wound up conking out around 9:30 p.m..  This meant I woke up at 4:30 a.m., and I am now up and on the treadmill.  While I haven’t made a specific ‘resolution’ to lose weight, I HAVE resolved to attend to some negative habits I’ve fallen into lately… and one of those is the habit of talking myself out of stuff I know I should be doing.  So I made a firm push and got up, and here I am.    It’s now 5:05 and I’m 28 minutes in.


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