ADF Day 2: Tools

January 3, 2013 at 6:12 am

So far so good.   This morning’s weigh-in had me coming in at 203.4.  That’s not so surprising for a post-down-day result, but considering it’s winter and a time of the month not conducive to weight loss, I’ll take it.

Didn’t get up as early this morning, despite a similarly early bedtime.  I have this weird cold that doesn’t manifest in much besides a vaguely stuffy head combined with a wicked sinus headache.  I took DayQuil yesterday, and it didn’t do much for me, so an hour or so later I took one migraine pill.  That took care of it until almost exactly 6:30 p.m., when the headache returned.  That time I dispensed with the Dayquil and went straight for the migraine pill, which worked.   Unfortunately, those pills contain a dose of caffiene, so my sleep was pretty restless.

The green tea I drank for most of the day yesterday probably didn’t help either, I guess. 😉

I’ve recharged my account with a new weight loss goal.  It claims I should shoot to stay under 1888 calores per day, so I’m going to shoot for that as a high average here.  With yesterday’s exercise (for which they credit me 273 calories despite my treadmill’s insistence that the burnoff was more like 425; not sure whom to believe there), I came in 190 calories total for yesterday.  If I combine the remainder with today, I could conceivably eat about 3000 calories today and still stay under my goal there.  More, actually — as I’m treadmilling as I type this.  But of course, that’s absurd.

That’s sort of the beauty of sites like for me.  Pangie wrote yesterday and said she wants to simply report her weight for two weeks… not because she’s at a bad weight (she isn’t), but because simply the awareness of a number helps.  And I agree; for me, the daily recording of food is a hassle, but I know I’ve said before and will probably wind up saying again that it never. fails. for me.  If I can just force myself to be disciplined about keeping a record, even if I’m not actively trying to stay under a given number, I am much more frugal about what I eat and how much.  I just can’t help it.

So, I’m keeping’s app on my cell phone, and I’m working it.  I also noticed that Aldi has broken out all of its discount exercise gear already.  I shouldn’t be surprised… and I was actually peering at the exercise balls with some consideration.  I wonder if sitting on one of those at work would do me good, or simply look ridiculous.  My desk faces the back of my cubicle, so all of my co-workers who walk by  (fortunately, my door faces a wall) would be treated to the sight of my chunky rear end perched on top of a bright pink ball.  I’m not sure that’s good…


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