ADF Day 3: Dining Out!

January 4, 2013 at 7:25 am

Wow.  This morning I was at 203.4 again.   That’s pretty amazing, considering yesterday was an Up Day. 🙂

One of the many things I love about Chris is that he is huge fan of dining out.  I don’t have anything against dining in, and certainly from a financial standpoint dining in poses a lot of perks.  But given that I’m really not that great of a cook and that I now work full-time and often come home too tired and too pressed for time to pull anything magnificent together, I appreciate the fact that, “Let’s go out.” is now an option.   It so rarely was before..

Of course, from a weight-loss standpoint, dining out can be a little challenging.  Last night, Chris proposed a restaurant we’d never patronized before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the menu.  Fortunately, with vegetarianism on the cultural rise around here, more and more restaurants are offering meatless entrees as options.  Such was the case here — they offered a portabello sandwich with a side of fries.

Between the exercise I’d done in the morning and the relatively light breakfast and lunch I’d consumed so far that day, my remaining calorie allotment for the day was still something like 1200 calories.  Add to that the fact that I’m ADFing and should really be going over that amount by a little bit on my Up Days just to keep from overdoing it, and I had plenty of room to eat pretty much anything that appealed to me.   But I stuck with the portobello, which I happen to like anyway.  I also got Sweet Potato fries as my side.. because…you know, Sweet Potato Fries, right?

And it was all very good.  As usual, I drank ice water.  No calories there.  The problem, of course, comes in trying to journal all of that.   This was a local restaurant, it’s not like LoseIt has its menu logged into its database or like the place has invested in a Nutrition Information sheet they could hand me.  I had to just remember all the parts of everything and give it my best guess.  The worst thing was that it was on a Pretzel Roll… for which there is fairly little analogous on LoseIt.  I finally just decided to pretend I’d eaten all of it with a large soft pretzel and called it good.

And even so, as I said, I came in without having gained anything last night.  That’s pretty awesome.  Weight loss always happens fairly quickly to start with this thing, so maybe I could get below 200 fairly quickly and then taper off on my way down to 180.  That would be lovely.

Today is a day filled with meetings.  Meet with someone from the Zoo, meet with my supervisor, meet with my son’s teachers.  Fortunately, it’s Friday… so tomorrow I can kick back and relax with my kids and Chris, work on the basement (which needs it, as we need to clear space for Chris’ things as he begins to move in before the wedding.

Also, speaking of weddings, I was introduced to ‘’ by a coworker yesterday.  As a result, all my best-laid plans of productivity after we got home last night were utterly shot. 😉


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