ADF Day 4: Weekend!

January 5, 2013 at 9:56 am

Keeping in mind that weight fluctuates throughout the day, I am mindful of the training of my Weight Watcher days when weighing myself.   I’ve always tried to weigh myself first thing in the morning, after attending to the bathroom and before I’ve had anything to eat or drink.  I figure those circumstances give me the best shot at a ‘clean’ weight, one I can compare to weights from other days to get a reasonably accurate idea of what’s going on.

Today, I slept in.  And Chris crashed on the couch last night because we were up late watching Star Trek Next Generation reruns on Netflix, so he brought me coffee in bed.  Therefore, today’s weight is somewhat suspect, and yet still promising:  202.6!

I also wasn’t especially good yesterday, which makes that weight all the more remarkable.  It was a Down Day, and I was brutally honest with LoseIt with respect to what I snuck into my mouth even though I should have.  My goal has been to take in no more than 600 calories on the Down Days, and I wound up taking in something like 680.   I realize that that combined with 200-400 calories burned on the treadmill (whichever we’re going by; I still haven’t decided), I round out having done pretty well.. But it’s still more than I should have taken in.

This puts me at a total loss of about 2-something pounds in just a few days.  Of course, now I’m faced with the ultimate gluttony temptation — the weekends, during which I have traditionally celebrated two consecutive ‘Up’ days, in the name of curbing social anxiety.  That has obviously worked fine for me in the past, but during recent attempts to hop back on the wagon, these two days of allowed gluttony have often been my undoing. 

So I need a plan, and I think I’ve decided on this:  I will go ahead and eat on these days, but I’ll give myself a limit of about 2100 calories per day rather than just allowing myself a free-for-all.  That gives me 200 calories more than my LoseIt allowance, but doesn’t permit me to go crazy.  Really, just recording the foods into LoseIt will probably be enough to curb me anyway; I’m already feeling that, “Oh, I want that!  Oh, but I’ll have to write it down.  Forget it.” logic playing in when I consider something.   Not 30 minutes ago, as I was passing through the kitchen on my way to the treadmill, that very thought process left a shortbread cookie in the tin that otherwise would be digesting right now.

Wedding plans are slowly coming together.  Monday we pay our deposit on the venue, and after that it’s just lining up the details.  I heard from Chris’ sister this morning, approving the dress and shoes my sisters picked out.  They’re pushing for a ‘mod’ theme, which is okay with me aside from the shoes.  I have nothing against mod shoes, but the trend there is Splash Of Color And Really Chunky Platforms With Tall Tall Tall Heels.  

And that’s fine, except that my sisters AND Chris’ sister already top my flat-footed height by several inches.  Not only am I not a huge fan of high heels, but Chris also doesn’t really care for them.  Or doesn’t think he does, anyway; sometimes I wonder.  Yesterday I wore an outfit consisting of grey pinstriped slacks with a black sweater, a scarf and a pair of black high-heeled boots.  He made a comment that it was one of the nicest-looking outfits he’d seen on me and that I looked really nice in it.  That was sweet, but since heels both slenderize the legs and add a certain grace to your stride, I wonder if he likes heels on me more than he realizes.

But anyway… I just have a feeling that if we put The Sisters in 2″ platforms and 6″ heels, I’m going to look like a chubby little dwarf bride.  Especially because Chris, while he’s only about 5″10 or so, is ridiculously lean.  As it is, I think we look like Jack Sprat and his Wife together.

We’ll figure it out.  I might just need to suck it up and plan to wear platforms myself.  There’s a good 6″ to work with between Chris’ height and mine, so it’s doable.  We’ll see.


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