ADF Day 5: Weekend II: Second Day of Weekend!

January 6, 2013 at 6:09 am

Days like this make it clear to me why dieting has been harder lately..

I mean, seriously.. I gave myself 2200 calories to work with, and even with the additional calories permitted to my by LoseIt by virtue of walking yesterday, I couldn’t stay under it.   Part of this was due to simple mistakes.  I ate a decent breakfast that polished off the last of the Kashi GoLean Crunch I had in the house, and then ate bagel chips and tzaziki for lunch.  The latter really wasn’t smart, because while that is a nice, vegetarian meal, it was way too snacky and I’m sure I ate more even than I admitted I did.  I lost count of the chips I ate and had to ballpark it.

Then that night we went out with some friends who were in town.  I was pretty good for that, all things considered — another portobello sandwich, this time with a side of grilled asparagus.  But there was also the unfortunate fact of Christmas Candy.  It’s everywhere in the house, and I was bad.  All day.  Not good.

Today my weight held steady, and I’m resolved to do better.  I did actually come in below my goal this time, but I didn’t get any walking in.  Moreover, the food I ate still wasn’t GREAT food…  Breakfast was brunch at City Diner, which consisted of a spinach-and-feta omelet, toast and hash browns.  They also kept refilling my coffee every three seconds, so I have no idea how much caffiene I took in there.

I skipped lunch, and had planned pasta for dinner.  Stuffed rigatoni with spinach and artichokes, garlic bread, etc.  My dinner came in at about 500 calories, which came well within allowed perameters.  However, an awful lot of those calories were starch and fat… so…

I just don’t know what to expect of tomorrow.  We’ll see.


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