ADF Day 7: One Week Down!

January 8, 2013 at 6:09 am

Today’s weight: 201.8.  The Under 200s are on the horizon!

I was at work yesterday and accidentally typed ‘my21days’ into the search bar of my browser rather than into my navigation bar.  I was surprised to find that the 21-day craze has really taken off!   There are a number of other blogs like mine (aside from those friends of mine who started similar blogs as they took on the 21-day challenge with me), including at least one that predates mine by quite a bit:

That one was started to concentrate on running, and has apparently been in existence for over 6 years.  And to think, I thought I was pretty original!

Among the newer offerings, I found this one amusing:

That’s a site that facilitates 21-day goals.  You type in a goal and it asks you to check in daily with your progress, I guess?  I didn’t sign up; I’m doing fine with this blog right now.  But it’s interesting that the 21-day concept has taken hold to such an extent that an app is now available for it.

Yesterday I got by on mostly tea.  Lots and lots and lots of green tea.  I also deviated briefly into chamomile, but I have to acknowledge to myself that chamomile just doesn’t do it for me somehow.  The flavor is too flowery.  Maybe I’ve just been drinking so much green tea that anything else tastes weird to me now.

Groupon recently published an ad for Bento Boxes.  Two two-level boxes for $18.  Considering most of them go for more like $25 each, that was a pretty good deal!  I went ahead and indulged; we’re over the Christmas expense hump, and the kids have birthdays coming up.  Z, at least, would appreciate one.


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