ADF Day 8: Success!

January 9, 2013 at 5:46 am

Today’s weight: 201.8 again.  Which is good, as this is the beginning of Week 2, and I had hoped to lose about 3 pounds per week.  201.8 puts me at 3.2 pounds over last week, and since that weight is post-up-day (and I wasn’t particularly careful about what I ate last night), I’m assuming there’s nothing about that weight to suspect. 🙂

Last night, Z and I went to our local Aldi to pick up a few groceries.  I noticed that in addition to the fitness products now available in the non-food section of the store, they now carry a new line of foods called ‘Simply Organic’.  I’d never heard of such a thing before, but the store carried an interesting array of products, from chips to frozen pizzas to, of all things, frozen oatmeal.

The oatmeal is actually what caught my eye first.  The concept of frozen oatmeal is new to me, and the fact that this particular oatmeal was nicely simple — steel-cut oats, maple sugar, brown sugar, and salt, that’s it — was attractive.  Then we found these frozen fruit bars in strawberry, coconut and banana that Z was able to lobby for successfully as well.  By the time we left, we came away with a bag of brown rice chips, a bag of sweet potato corn tortilla chips, two frozen pizzas, two frozen veggie entrees that look like they’ll make acceptable Down Day lunches or dinners, and, of course, the oatmeal.

We tried the chips and the pizza last night.  Both were excellent.   There is a definite brown-rice quality to the brown rice chips, but even the kids deemed this acceptable to desirable.  The sweet potato corn tortilla chips were deemed ‘weird, but not bad’.   There were no criticisms regarding either pizza to be had, despite the fact that the crusts were whole wheat and the pepperoni was ‘uncured’.

Since the oatmeal is fairly low-calorie per serving, I’m considering eating some for breakfast today and having one of the veggie meals for dinner tonight.  Will report back on what I learn.

Regardless, it’s promising to see organic foods on the market that emphasize simplicity.  I don’t think EVERYTHING we ate could pass for ‘nonprocessed’; the cheese on the pizzas certainly wasn’t made of simply ‘milk’.  I’m going to look into this company more, though, and try to encourage Aldi to keep carrying it if that’s an option for them.


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