ADF Day 8: Bleah!

January 10, 2013 at 5:14 pm

Well, today’s weigh-in had me at 199.8.  That’s a full 5-pound loss, if we’re ignoring the fact that it’s post-down-day and probably not entirely reliable.  If I stay there tomorrow, I’ll celebrate for real. 🙂

Regardless, I fairly well earned it.  Yesterday I tried my new frozen steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast (150 calories, minimal fat, 4 grams of fiber), then more or less fasted the rest of the day.  This after walking an hour, which would have eaten up those calories regardless…  But I knew I’d be spending the day at a school north of town without easy access to a microwave, so I figured I’d just go without any plans for lunch and force-fast myself that way.

I’m not sure that was such a good idea.  At the office I can get away with that because I have access to lots of green tea, which takes the edge off really nicely.  I didn’t have that at the school.  The hunger pangs weren’t that bad — they never are as bad as I think they will be anyway.  But around 3:00, I developed a headache that progressed into a monster migraine.

Whether that was due to the lack of food or not, I couldn’t say.  I get migraines occasionally, and they’re usually tied in with something specific.  However, in this case, the usual triggers weren’t really a factor, so I wasn’t prepared.   In fact, I was REALLY unprepared; I am fortunate in that my migraines nearly always respond to OTC migraine medication, and even a half-dose will generally do the trick.  However, I had left mine on my desk at work, so I was caught with this horrible headache and no recourse to fix it.

In the end, I made the 40-minute drive home with the migraine in full swing.  It got so bad that I was nauseated, and by the time I reached the main cross street I take to get home, I was having to fight hard not to throw up.  Admittedly, had I given in it wouldn’t have been awful — my stomach was about as empty as stomachs can get, after all.  But I WAS driving, so…

I got home and crawled into bed, and wound up falling asleep around 5:30 p.m..  I remember vague things, but nothing concrete until I woke up again at midnight.  Fortunately, Chris had come over and taken care of everything for me — fed the kids, put them to bed, everything.  He’d even brought me soup and ice water, which was cold and warm, respectively, by the time I was able to take advantage of them.  Still, I was reminded yet again how lucky I am to have him.

I don’t know for certain whether or not the lack of nutrition caused this.  I know some people have reported bad headaches when they go on ADF diets, but I have never had one that I could concretely tie into ADF.   I imagine it was probably a combination of things — hormones, nutrition, and the massive cold front that moved into the area yesterday.  All three were potentially at play, which could have created a perfect storm.  I just don’t know.

The other factor is that Z woke up professing to feel sick and unable to get warm, and that was something I did experience last night myself.  The upstairs was set at 68 degrees, which normally feels really warm to me.  Nonetheless, I was wrapped in blankets and still shivering.  I took Z at his word and let him stay home today, just to be on the safe side.   Maybe there was a virus at play besides the other things. 

Regardless, I feel fine today.  I did not get up and exercise this morning, but I didn’t eat much today either.  Just some cranberry-almond cereal with milk this morning and a biscotti around lunchtime.  I imagine Chris and I will go out tonight, as that tends to be our tradition on Thursdays when A has the kids, so I am sure I’ll make up for it.  Tomorrow will be an interesting weigh-in day, I’m sure.



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