ADF Day 9: Dreading the Day…

January 11, 2013 at 7:01 am

Weigh in this morning had me at 200.8.  I can’t say I was exactly disappointed, though; I tend to take the attitude that a 2-pound difference between a weight post Down Day and a weight post Up Day is acceptable, so having gone up one pound is okay with me.  I’ll be good today and go down again.  The Under 200 goal is in sight! 🙂

This day, I’ve been dreading.  Not because of anything food related; because of something work-related.  When M left the Garden a few months back, she had signed us on to do an outreach Professional Development for a school out in St. Charles about Inquiry.  Today is the second of the two sessions we promised to conduct, and in M’s absence I’ve taken up the task of making sure the PDs were developed and carried out.

The first round of these took place in November, and I think on the whole I did fine.  The audience is small, though — only about six to eight teachers, total — and while some were receptive, a couple weren’t.  That’s not all that unusual, but when your crowd consists of less than 10, 2 skeptics in the crowd make for a significant percentage.

Moreover, I’m not COMPLETELY prepared right now.  I have the first part done and the materials just need to be pulled together.  The second part of the slideshow still needs to be completed, and the handouts need to be typed up and printed.  Fortunately, I have the morning to do this and I know what needs to be done; I just need to do it.  I just hate going into today not entirely prepared, because I’m nervous enough about it as it is without fretting over whether or not I’ve actually completed the crucial parts.

Times like this, I just remind myself that in six hours, one way or another, it’ll all be overwith and life will go on. :/


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