ADF Day 10: When Days are Our Oysters Or Maybe Not

January 12, 2013 at 3:51 pm

197.6!  WOW!  And today is Saturday, a day rich with possibilities, dripping with potential.  Moreover, the weather is unbelievably beautiful for January, touching 65+ degrees!  Oh, the things we could accomplish today!

Except that, of course, first we must address obligations.  Chris had expected the crew working on his classroom at the Butterfly House to be in this morning to stain the floor, and so we had planned to be there at 7:00 a.m. to see them in and linger thereabouts while they worked.  Since we were to be there anyway, Chris agreed to handle the watering in the Conservatory and the Greenhouse so that Lisa wouldn’t have to drive out.  Makes sense.

Then, of course, the preliminary stainings of said classroom floor indicated that more work needed to be done before staining could be attempted.  So the plan to come in on Saturday changed from being a plan to babysit stainers to a plan to take care of the watering.  Not the end of the world, but it meant going in.  On Saturday.  Meh.

Chris, on the whole, found the change satisfying because it meant he didn’t have to get up as early.  In my mind, going in later meant it ate up more of the day.  But then again, I always like going there, so I didn’t grumble much.  It’s like revisiting a beloved neighborhood where I used to live, revisiting old haunts and memories.  Plus there was this adventurous, clandestine quality to being there when no one else is in the building…  Chris and I didn’t take advantage in any unreportable way or anything, but we did remark upon the possibilities. 😉

Regardless, I didn’t get much walking in.  Instead, I exercised by wrestling a hose around the conservatory and drenching plant roots.  After we finished, we went to Chris’ apartment for a short time and then to Trader Joe’s to pic up food for tonight’s Trivia Night.  By the time we got home, it was after 3:00 and we had less than two hours before we needed to get ready to go to Temple Israel for our Trivia Night.

So… not so much got done today.  That is, not so much around the house.  Tomorrow there’s an event at church, so we’ll be picking up the kids early and heading there for the afternoon.  Oh well. :/  Someday we’ll get christmas decorations put away and basement cleaned.  Someday.

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