ADF Day 11: Bein’ Social…

January 13, 2013 at 5:02 pm

This really has been a weekend for Being Social.

Oh, and this morning’s weight was 197.8.  Shocking, considering we had a Trivia Night last night, which meant spending several hours at a table heaped with snacky foods.  But I was smart and kept the veggie tray and hummus around me, so I don’t think I was ridiculously bad.

Friday night was something else… let me think back now.  What did we do?  Something that led to us leaving my van at the Garden.

OH!  Right.  The Science Center is introducing a new IMAX movie called ‘Flight of the Butterflies’ that describes the monarch migration and gives some history of the scientists who sorted out what was going on.  They have reached out to the Butterfly House to arrange for some cross-promotion, and so the BH staff was given tickets to the Members-Only preview night on Friday night.  We had to rush from the Garden to get there on time.  That’s right.

So there was that.  Then Trivia Night last night, which our table won.  This one supported a Jewish private school for which my former boss teaches now.  It was an interesting experience, rather different from the other TNs we’ve attended.  They didn’t have a silent auction, for example; they had a Balloon Pop and a raffle.  Chris and I tried the Balloon Pop and came away with a bag of yarmulkes and Hanukkah candles.  Whoops. 😉  Fortunately, our second attempt yielded a bag containing champagne and caramel corn.   The other peculiarity was that winning carried with it fairly little reward; we all received tiny plastic tiaras and had our picture taken.  Considering the event cost $20/person to attend, that surprised me.

Today was an event at our church to welcome the new Seminarians that involved a stylized version of Bunco and a Rob Your Neighbor gift exchange.  This created some stress this morning, because it meant we needed to teach Sunday School, then get in the car and race to St. Charles to get the kids, then run to Chris’ apartment to get our White Elephant gifts, and then to the store to pick up the veggie tray we’d promised to bring, and THEN run to church.  Since we were so pressed for time, Chris and I ended up fast-fooding it for breakfast.  Bleah.

The event was a potluck lunch, too; I was pretty good there, eating salads and one of Lucas’ cookies.  But when we got home, I was worse.  There was candy and stuff around as I finally packed up all of the Christmas stuff that was still waiting in the dining room, and I was too liberal about snacking on it.  I also had two pieces of pizza for dinner and some portabella pasta.   I hope tomorrow doesn’t seriously bum me out.


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