ADF Day 13: According to Scale…

January 15, 2013 at 6:51 am

198.8.  Or, possibly 198.0.  I am not entirely sure.

The scale I’m using now is a digital model from Target.  Thus far I’ve had no reason to question its veracity.  Multiple tests in a short timeframe always produce the same number.  Once it decides I weigh a given amount, it’s done.  Period. No arguing.

Today, though… I don’t know.  The first time I weighed myself it gave me 198.8.  The second time, it said 198.0.  I weighed myself the second time just because I had been so careful the day before that I couldn’t believe I’d be down only a pound, but I was prepared to accept the one-pound loss if it came down to it.  Stepping back on the scale was more of a formality than anything.

However, it reported back a different weight.  And subsequent reweighings stuck with 198.0, so I went ahead and recorded that.  I obviously like that much better; it puts me at a solid 7-pound loss overall.  But I don’t have any desire to lie to myself, either.  If I’m really at 198.8, let’s just accept that and move on.

Oh well.  This week, I’ve realized, is going to be tricky in lots of ways.  First off, Friday marks our annual department retreat, a day so sacred that we are ordered to keep it open and schedule no conflicts that day under penalty of death or firing, whichever is worse.  It’s always the third Friday in January (or will always be, going forward; this call was a recent development).  Of COURSE, this day just happens to coincide with a grading day at the kids’ elementary school, so my three youngest kids won’t have anywhere to be that day.   In the past I’ve lucked out, because either Chris or I is usually in a position to take that day off or work from home.  Contrarily, I don’t mind leaving Noah in charge if my day consists of sporadic meetings, as I can then get away and be home in a matter of minutes if needed.

However, in this case both Chris and I are tied up with this retreat, and the retreat is in a neighboring town to boot.  Given that, I’d have felt strange leaving them home alone even with Z in charge.  A has said he doesn’t think it’s all that big of a deal; he isn’t actually teaching that day anyway.  He’ll be at Administration working on vertical teaming and curriculum alignment.  That’s fine, except that the drive between home and MY job is about 5 minutes.  The drive between home and Administration is more like 30.  So in an emergency, A’s not going to represent timely help. Plus, I still just feel that 10 is too young to be home alone with siblings, even if the siblings are pretty self-sufficient.

I called my sisters.  Both of them have drive-around-the-city obligations that day that preclude taking on three more bodies.  My sisters each have 3-4 kids as well, so their vans fill quickly.  I’m not sure what to do.

And dietwise, I’m going to have to officially swap days around.  The retreat site is serving breakfast and lunch, and Friday night is Bunco.  I could muscle my way through Bunco if need be, but I’d feel sheepish being all diet-conscious in front of the rest of the staff.  So I think my first official swap date is in order there.


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