ADF Day 16: Camp, Revisited

January 18, 2013 at 7:55 pm

Writing late again today… because I was too anxious to get out the door this morning to walk, much less write.

In fact, I haven’t really journalled today, either.  I did all of my eating out in the woods, and it was hard to journal out there.  I kind of backtracked later and put it all in, but it might not be very accurate.

Regardless, going back to my old camp was fun today.  I work with a good group of people, and we had a fine time enjoying all of the teambuilding activities that the camp chose for us.  Teambuilding was always a big emphasis there, and by now they’ve amassed a library and storehouse of thousands of activities.  We did things like try to run under a long jumprope as one big group, move a ball around using only string and a keyring, and dashing in and out of a circle trying to touch numbered pads in the shortest time possible.  I’m not sure we came away more team-minded than we were, but we did have a fine time.

I did not get to walk this morning, but I did hike briefly while we were out there.  During my Nature Instructor days, I had just graduated from my Identification of Woody Plants class and had discovered some wooden placard with tree names on them in the lodge when I arrived.  I found a rarely-used ‘chapel’ on the camp grounds that happened to have quite a few different tree species in residence, so I set it up as a kind of scavenger hunt for the kids.  They took a tree description and tried to locate the tree based on the traits listed.  I taught inner city kids about opposite versus alternate leaf arrangement, toothed, lobed and entire margins, simple and compound leaves.  I felt really good about how it went, too.  Sometimes I would hear campers and counselors talking about the features of other trees around camp, and that was validating.

The chapel, I learned today, still exists.  But it has probably fallen into disuse, by the look of it.  About half of the logs formerly used for seating are now gone, and the path that leads up there has become blocked by an enormous tree.  We didn’t have to worry about that too much, as it’s still winter and trucking through what would otherwise be underbrush was not difficult or likely to hurt anything, but during the summer I guess the tree makes getting to the chapel pretty tough.  I wasn’t sure whether to be sad for the state of the chapel, or quietly pleased that my personal haunt had earned some kind of preservation.

In any case, it was hardly an hour’s hike.  Maybe 5 minutes at most.  I was a little alarmed, too, by how winded I got trekking up that hill.  The weather today was beautiful and I can’t even blame cold air.  I should have walked this morning. :/


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