ADF Day 18: Lazy Sunday

January 20, 2013 at 9:18 pm

And I do mean lazy.  Once again, I did not walk.  >_<

Of course, this time my excuse was illness.  And that was, for whatever it’s worth, legitimate enough this morning.  I woke up coughing like a seal, and so I even wrote to my church’s Sunday School Superintendant to tell her I wouldn’t be in to teach this morning.  I begged out of my social plans and hunkered down to convalesce.

And convalesce I did.  It is astonishing how lazy I can be if I can justify it on any level.  Chris and the kids didn’t mind too much; I spent most of my time upstairs and each of my kids came in to snuggle with me at various points.  I watched way too much Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix, plus some Foyle’s War.  Ostensibly, I was planning to clean my room in addition to lying around, but I really didn’t do much more than lie around.

And eat.  I mean, I’m supposed to, today, right?  It’s an Up Day!  But due to my lazy morning, I didn’t weigh-in either.  I mean, I didn’t get downstairs in time to weigh-in in my usual way, so I deemed the whole weighing-in thing to be worthless.  Best to hold off until tomorrow.  Except that really, if I’m honest, I didn’t hold off on weighing in because of that.  I held off on weighing in because I knew I hadn’t walked in three days and I was afraid of what the scale would tell me.  I mean, I’ve obeyed my ADF mandates throughout all of this, but on Friday I did eat more at Bunco than I care to admit.  Oh, I also haven’t journalled since Friday… another reason to fear the scale…

Of course, even as I’m being honest about this, I’m not exactly running down to the scale to check NOW.   And I’m not logging into LoseIt to log now.  I’m just confessing without making any effort to do better.  Not good… I’ll do better tomorrow, right.  Right.  In Tomorrowland, I am awesome.


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