ADF Day 19: Labor Day

January 21, 2013 at 7:27 pm

Well, not really.  Today was MLK Day.  But I did weigh in, and came in at 197.6 again.  No change.

Sad when that’s a relief rather than a disappointment, especially after four days of ADF.  However, it WAS uncharted ADF and it did not include any exercise… so frankly, I was relieved.  I remain relieved.  At least I didn’t gain the weight back up into the 200s again.

I do have to confess that I didn’t walk today, either, but only because I swapped that physical activity for another one — one arguably more productive.  One of the goals I’ve set for myself beyond my weight loss is to address the matter of my basement.  We moved into the house a year ago last October, and that’s where many of the Moving In boxes have sat since then.  We’ve opened them and pulled out this or that, but most of them are just sitting down there.  In fact, I think a bunch of them are probably even EMPTY (or filled with packing peanuts or something).

So I resolved that in penance for my lazy Sunday, I would spend MLK day working on the basement.  And work I did!  I cleared out every single box down there, and reorganized the entire basement.  My Christmas dishes are now neatly stacked under the steps — a tactical decision, as that’s where most of the dust falls and this way I can be cleaning that out twice a year.  Otherwise what sits under the steps gets nastily gross with dirt, pet hair and whatever because it just sits down there and collects it for years and years.  All of the dishes are safely encased in totes and boxes, so it’s not like the filth will land on them in any case.  It’s just a good incentive to get the shop vac under there twice a year.

I also gave the kids a playspace, a favor for which they are singing my praises.  I had underestimated how much they missed their play area in the old house.  Apparently even after A and SDJ moved in there, they did not give them that space back.  I asked the kids where they play, and they said, “Mostly just in our rooms.”  Which is a little sad; I’ve seen their rooms.  They don’t have that many toys there, so I suspect they really do more sitting around and watching TV than anything.

At any rate, this meant a joyful reunion with umpteen toy castles and little plastic knights, chunks and chunks of plastic train track and little plastic vehicles to drive on it.  I barely had the foam mat down on the floor before L descended upon it and proceeded to fill the entire space with an elaborate track for his trains.  It was gratifying to see him pounce on it like that.

We have about five or six loads of stuff to take to GoodWill.  And about two large bags of garbage, which includes many boxes for recycling, lots of old packing materials I had saved for the packing of dishes, and lots of dirt and dust I sucked up using the shop vac.  I think my basement may now be the cleanest part of the house!

So.. I didn’t walk, but I did do that.  LoseIt does not have ‘Clean Your Basement and Haul Boxes All Over The Place’ as a selection under exercise, so it will have to go undocumented except for here.  Tomorrow we get back to the routine and hopefully I can get back on track for real then.

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