ADF Day 20: Mad at Myself

January 22, 2013 at 8:38 pm

Okay… first off, I want a pass.   I didn’t walk today, but IT WASN’T MY FAULT!  No, really, it wasn’t!

I mean, last night, the kids went to bed and Chris and I watched Foyle’s War for awhile.  As has become our habit, I wound up curling up against a pillow in his lap while we watched.  The next thing I knew, it was around 2:00 a.m., the Netflix picks screen was on, and Chris was dozing sitting up.  Whoops.

I went up to bed.  He stretched out on the couch and went to sleep for real.  As I dozed in my bed, I suddenly remembered that one of the kids had turned off the power strip that controls my alarm clock.  I immediately got up and reset the time and alarm times.  I was determined to get up on time and walk, see.  Like I wrote yesterday; I was viewing today as the opportunity to get all factors back on track!

Well, the time came and the alarm went off all right, but I had failed to consider a very crucial variable: the radio station.  Because I find the actual alarm tone …well…alarming… I always set my clock alarm to go off by turning on the radio.   However, we had used that radio on Sunday to listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and in the middle of the show Chris had tried to turn the volume up and accidentally moved the tuning dial instead.  Frustratingly, we had a horrible time trying to locate the local NPR station again, and when we did it came through fuzzy and garbled.

We did hear the rest of the show, albeit fuzzily.  Since then the radio station doesn’t come through at all.  I had meant to look into what was going on there, but hadn’t yet… so although the radio came on, what came on was more or less white noise.  I slept clear through until 6:15.

Not good.  No time to walk.  And today has wound up to be pretty abysmal in other ways, too.  As soon as I got to work, I got a call from my father telling me my grandfather had passed away in the night.  Mom got a call from her step-cousin (he’s really my stepgrandfather) telling her that Grandpa’s infection was back and they were taking him off of his meds because they aren’t doing any good.  The doctors didn’t think he would make it much longer, so she drove up to be with him.   He didn’t even last the night. 😦 

So now there are travel plans to think about, and tonight I have some work I brought home that I need to do that requires writing.  Walking isn’t really a good idea given that I now need this done sooner so I can leave work early on Friday to drive to Wisconsin.  Fortunately, the funeral is scheduled for Saturday morning, so it’s not too hectic a situation in terms of kid care or work schedules.  I can leave right after the last meeting I have on Friday, and the kids are with A that night anyway.

I did weigh in this morning and track my food today.  I came in at 197.4, so I lost 0.2 pounds.  Again, sad that a loss that small counts as a victory, but I’ll take it nonetheless. 

Regardless, yes… I do realize I could have been walking as I typed this.  I could have walked at lots of other times.  But right now, I kinda don’t feel like it. :/  I shall hide behind my excuses for one more day and resolve to do better tomorrow.


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