ADF Day 21: Already?

January 23, 2013 at 9:18 am

Wow.  I was backlogging a little bit this morning because I had written stuff I hadn’t posted yet.  As I was editing and posting the entries, I accidentally misnumbered a couple of the posts (which is why, if you’re sharp-eyed, you might notice the URLs of some of my posts don’t match their actual titles now).  I went back and fixed it, and only THEN clued in that today is Day 21! 

Check me out!  One 21 down!  And while I didn’t necessarily walk or journal every single day, I did faithfully follow my ADF plan.  My weigh-in today: 197.4.  No change from yesterday, but that’s awesome because yesterday was an Up Day. 🙂  And it was an Up Day in which I was rather bad, too; I was careful during the day, but I got very snacky in the evening. 

So in the end, my first 21-day run resulted in a total loss of 7.6 pounds.   Not half bad!  It might have been more had I not slid a bit here this past week.  But no matter… onward and downward!

 This morning I made up for some lost time on the treadmill.  I walked 75 minutes rather than 60.  Not a huge difference, but still… LoseIt actually credited me over 300 calories for it.  My treadmill says I burned more like 500.  I’m now up to 2.8 MPH on an incline of ‘7’, whatever that means.  I have never been clear on whether that means 7%  (a rise of 7 feet over a distance of 100 feet)? or is just an arbitrary value that means ‘steeper than a setting of 6, not as steep as a setting of 8’.

Regardless, I go by LoseIt, rather than the treadmill.  LoseIt actually amends my credited calories according to my weight at the time, though it does not ask me about the terrain or incline.  The Treadmill takes into account the incline, but doesn’t seem too concerned with my height/weight.  I am never quite sure whom to believe there.

This morning also produced burned calories in the form of panic.  I sent Z out to start the van this morning, and he reported that he couldn’t find the keys.  Assuming that I was the last person to use the keys (as I’m the only one who drives the van), I directed him to check my coat pockets and my purse.  Z then said, “Well, I used them when I went out to clean out the van last night.” and supposed they might be in his room.  A cursory search turned up nothing, and I asked him, “Could you have left them in the van?”  He looked concerned and ran outside.  Sure enough, there they were on the seat… and all the doors were locked.

No worries!  We have a keychain fob that opens the car electronically!  It fell off of my actual keychain ages ago, so I keep it in my purse for just such an occasion.  We just need to find my purse…which is… not here.  Where’s my purse?

Naturally, it was…in the van.  The locked van.  With the keys.  Brilliant.

I have no idea what happened after that, honestly.  I ran up to my room to finish my hair and think for a second.   We don’t have AAA…so whom should I call?  I should call A and ask him to get the kids.  Or maybe Chris … he had conked out on the couch again last night after another late night of television viewing, and had just left a short while ago, or so I thought.  He couldn’t be far.  In fact, it turned out he was still in his car at the curb,  watching Z’s frantic search.

Chris was the one who thought to try the side doors.  One of them was open.  OMG OMG OMG WHEW!  Purse, keys, everything recovered.  N took over and turned the van on to warm it up.  Z sat on the porch recovering from his own panic attack.  It was a lovely scene for my neighbors to behold, I expect.

Regardless, I’m now settled at work and nursing some coffee.  Tonight the kids have basketball practice at the Y.  Considering chasing the morning’s walk with walking there.  Maybe I can score a treadmill or an elliptical machine or something.  There’s always the track, I guess; that lets me pass the kids periodically and watch the practice.  It’s just very boring.


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