ADF Day 1: Keepin’ on, Keepin’ on.

January 24, 2013 at 5:47 am

So far so good, so I’m not really planning to change much this time around.  Weigh–in this morning has me at 196.4 pounds!  Woot!

As I said, I barely realized my first 21 was ending until yesterday, so I hadn’t given a new plan much thought.  However, I do think one effort I’ll be making for the next three weeks will involve keeping a sharp eye on my fluid intake.  That needs to happen regardless, because I’m starting to notice signs of dehydration — edema when I take off my socks, etc.   This latest cold snap is also playing havoc with my skin… it’s so dry that all of my clothes itch when I get dressed. I mean, painful-itch.  The kind of itch where you sort of lose whether you scratch or not.

I did start on this last night.  I made a point of drinking about 16 ounces before I went to bed.  I don’t think it did much to help, but the emollient cream I put on my legs and arms does seem to have done some good so far.  I know this is the time of year, but I usually just get chapped lips and that’s it.  Where this painful dryness is coming from, I’m not entirely sure.

At any rate, I am up and walking.  Today is an Up Day and I will be good and eat and not overdo it.  Sometimes it’s good that I have umpteen million things to do at work, so there’s barely any time for lunch most days.  I’m so busy I barely think about eating anything.  Today I don’t have a lot on my calendar, but I do have tests to grade for my grant project, writeups to do for an educator manual I’m working on, the Spring schedule to review, and staff evaluations to type up.  That should keep me good and busy.

My younger two had their first basketball practice last night.  L was nervous, so I stayed for the practice rather than walking.  The treadmills and such are mobbed right now anyway, with the weather like it is.  No one wants to do their running outside.  I had walked already that morning, so instead I worked on my grading.   In the midst of that, though, I did have the opportunity to observe their coaches, and I was really pleased by what I saw.

Since we moved here, the most convenient place to enroll the kids in sports has been the local YMCA.  However, when we arrived, the longtime Youth Sports Coordinator had just left to pursue another position.   As a result, our first few seasons have been pretty rough.  They hired a new coordinator, but it took her a while to get her feet under her.  She also hired a younger guy to oversee the team sports, specifically, and that, too, took awhile to get sorted out.  Nonetheless, all three of my basketball-playing kids have good coaches this go-around, and it got me thinking about last season.  N’s coach last year was pretty worthless; he often failed to show up to practices at all, and he barely seemed attentive even when he was there.   S fared much better, though her entire team was comprised of boys.  Her coach was a little thrown when they assigned her to his team, but he took it in stride.. and S, fortunately, is fierce enough to hold her own.  In the end, some of the parents had begun calling her team ‘Team S’, because they couldn’t help rooting for her, specifically, under the circumstances.  Her coach’s speech about her at the award ceremony was delightful, too.

This year, we did have difficulty getting L registered.   He’s in Kindergarten, but he turned six in the fall.  That means the system kicked him out of Rookies for being too old, but wouldn’t allow him to register for Winners because he’s not in 1st grade yet.  We eventually got him signed up for Winners on S’s team, so they practice and play together.  He wasn’t too sure he wanted that, and was begging to be put in Rookies.  We decided to see how practice went last night and then decide.

He needn’t have worried; there is another Kindergartener on the team with him, and their team actually includes three girls!  It’s a much more appropriate team for my kids, and the coaches are good.  One man, one woman!  I think I will make a concerted effort this year to be involved and to make sure we pull together some kind of thank-you for all three coaches at the end of the season.  I can get them passes to the Garden, if nothing else.

I’m just meandering now.  Today 2.8 mph at Incline 7 feels really fast, so I slowed the pace down a little bit and kept the incline.  Maybe once I feel back in control I’ll nudge it back up again.


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