ADF Day 2: Curse you, Pesto!

January 25, 2013 at 7:45 am

Yesterday was an Up Day, so Chris and I went out to dinner last night.  The restaurant he suggested was one we’d only been to once before.  It’s a nice place, but seriously meat-heavy.  Their vegetarian options include a black bean patty and a Garden Pasta dish, and that’s pretty much it.  Even their salads come with meat on them.

This normally wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but since Chris and I met I’ve been trending more and more vegetarian all the time.  I still don’t give up bacon at breakfast if it’s available, but given the choice nowadays I’m more likely to opt for the vegetarian option if there’s one available.  I feel better about what I’m eating that way, and I can typically avoid a lot of unnecessary calories.  With this latest effort toward losing weight, I’ve been especially conscious of what I order, so…

I went with the Garden Pasta.  Rigatoni pasta with grilled vegetables in a basil pesto sauce.  It was either that or a seafood pasta with a cream sauce, which seemed much worse on so many fronts.  I knew, of course, that pesto is mostly olive oil.. but in the broad view, that’s hardly the worst thing.  Given the choices, I figured I made a good one.

And I still probably did.  It was a delicious dinner.  And yesterday was an Up Day, so I was supposed to be taking in calories anyway.  But when I got home and logged the meal… holy cow, it was estimated that my pasta dish comprised about 1300 calories by itself.  Let’s not think about the side of Sweet Potato Fries we also ordered, or the funky Rum-and-Ginger-Beer cocktail I tried.  Bleah.

So my weight is probably up again today.  I mean, it should be anyway; it’s an Up Day.  But I really would love to be trending DOWNWARD, rather than hovering at the point I am now.  I know that this time of the month is not conducive to loss, but still… LoseIt is back to saying I might get where I want to go by early June, and I liked hearing that late May was reasonable to expect, you know?

I walked this morning, not sure what tomorrow will bring.  We leave this afternoon for WIsconsin with plans to stay the night with some cousins of my mother’s.  Then tomorrow will be the funeral, after which we’ll head right back home.  14 hours of driving in 24 hours, most likely.  14 hours in a car with my sisters and my Dad.  Oh, I can hardly wait. 😉

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