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Jen and her family, Christmas 2008

Jen and her family, Christmas 2008

Hi!  I’m Jen.

I’m a 35-year-old wife and mother of four.  At the time this blog began, we were living a typical suburban life in the Midwest.  We have a house, two dogs, two cats, and a minivan.  We are conservative.  We are LCMS Lutherans with a lot of church commitments.  We homeschool.  Our kids are in Boy Scouts, Soccer, Upward Basketball, and Music Lessons.

It’s a busy life, but I like it.

As it happens, I am also overweight.  In fact, as the picture above surely indicates, I am by all accounts obese.  I stand 5’4″ tall, and at the beginning of this blog I weighed 244 pounds.  I wear a size 22-24, or 2x/3x depending on manufacturer.  I have been fortunate enough never to have suffered any particular health problems as a result of this, but with our last baby I treaded dangerously close to Gestational Diabetes. I’m told this can be an indication of things to come if you’re not careful.

Our family is officially complete, so I cannot wave off the need to lose weight on the grounds that ‘I’ll just gain it right back again when we have another baby.’  I am now on the downslope of my 35th year, so I can no longer ignore the fact that I’m approaching middle age and all of the health complications women suffer when they reach that stage of their lives.  My kids are getting older, they need a Mom who can keep up with them.  Therefore, it’s time to make a few changes.

So here we are.

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