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ADD, Day 2: The Drive…

Day 1 was successful.  Almost weirdly so, to be honest.   I had coffee with a little soy milk in the morning, a bowl of vegetable soup for lunch (without crackers or anything else with it besides water), and a salad with reasonably low-cal dressing at dinnertime.   During the rest of the day, not only did I not eat anything else, but I also didn’t want to.


November 18, 2010 at 6:36 am 5 comments

Exercise+, Day 14: WOOT!

If I needed a pick-me-up day, this was definitely it.   All that whining and gnashing of teeth from earlier this week is just downright embarassing now, and I’m almost tempted to go back and delete that entry. 😉

Today was Sunday, which of course meant we had church first thing.  After the service ended, I saw my father up in the balcony waving down at me and trying to tell me something.  It took me a second to understand him, but I was kind of floored when I did: he was telling me my HAIR looked nice. 😉  My Dad has many good qualities, of course, but being rampant with praise about such things is just not his way usually, so that was kind of neat.

I barely had time to process the novetly there when an older member of our congregation appeared beside me and was complimenting my hair too.  This woman is one I don’t talk to a lot, though we’ve always been friendly, so her sudden attention was sort of a surprise too.

Throughout the course of the morning, I was complimented at least four or five times more, too.  Mostly it was my hair, and I can appreciate that; I guess one of the unexpected benefits of letting your hair go too long before cuts is that when you finally DO get in to get it done, the change is so dramatic that everyone notices.  But the change in my hair also drew attention to the other changes, which apparently was noted to my Mom later.  “Wow..Jen looks good!”  That was just so nice. 🙂  I really needed that.


February 1, 2009 at 11:32 pm

Exercise, Day 16: Mom

Mom came over today to weigh herself.  Apparently she wasn’t too pleased with her scale at home. 😉  For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, Mom only weighs herself once a month.  Now, I understand the Weight Watchers’ logic on not weighing every DAY, but somehow waiting an entire month to check seems cavalier in the other direction.  How can you accurately gauge what you’re doing if you don’t check in at least once in awhile?

And sadly, her scale was mean to her.  In the past month, though she’s been doing ADF faithfully — more faithfully than I am, even, as she doesn’t even take the weekends the way I do — she weighs the same as she did last month.   I think she weighs about 182 (she is 5’9″).

Apparently she stepped on and off the scale a number of times, let it reset itself, tried again.  She eventually persuaded it to tell her she weighed 180, but she was so annoyed that she decided to come over here and let my Wii Fit decide the matter once and for all.  The Wii fit puts her at 179.9, so she probably did lose at least 2 pounds.


January 13, 2009 at 5:01 pm 4 comments

Exercise, Day 3: Let’s Hear It For the Boy!

Andy is my hero.  Yesterday, when the treadmill blew up, he came right down here, took it apart and tried to fix it.  The electric motor was completely shot, so he did everything from checking for replacement parts online to trying to remove enough material to make it into a manual.  No dice.  He then went out to drive to our usual repair places to see if anyone in town could fix it.  He came away empty handed from that too, and finally decided that A) we needed a treadmill (or at least I do), and B) repairing the Vitamaster 820 was going to cost over $100 anyway, so we might as well just bite the bullet and get a new one anyway.


December 31, 2008 at 9:42 am 6 comments

ADF/WW: Day 7

Okay… just a bit of advice?  If you fast on Saturday, DO NOT skip breakfast on Sunday on the assumption that the Fellowship Hour at church will supply you with something to eat.  We stayed up late last night to watch a movie, and therefore woke up late this morning.  I had to play handbells at the 9:30 service, so we ran out in a rush, I didn’t eat anything, and when I was able to take a minute to run down and see what was available in the Church Basement, everything was gone.  By the end of the service, I was feeling downright wobbly.

Never again.  I know fasting is a spiritual experience for some people, but I need more of a run-up to a spiritual fast than that.


December 14, 2008 at 1:22 pm 6 comments

Round 1, Day 18: ADF

I want chinese food today.  I wonder if I can talk Andy into it.


December 4, 2008 at 11:43 am 5 comments

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