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Money, Day 11: Small Windfalls

Whenever you discuss money in Christian circles, you’re going to hear ‘God will Provide’.  I mean, it’s just a given, you need to go in right away and accept it.  You also need to prepare to be told that if you give, God gives back, suggesting that the way to …. sort of buy favor (?) is to tithe properly, I guess?    I know that’s not really the spirit of the thing; it’s a matter of demonstrating trust and the various rewards that come of putting your trust where it counts, and that’s not something I would ever argue with.  But just in terms of practical conversational expectations, you’re going to hear or be told those things.  God will Provide, and If You Tithe, You Will Be Rewarded.   Bring up money in any Christian environment and wait for it, and then say ‘There it is.’, because it will always be there.



October 29, 2009 at 8:18 am 1 comment

Money, Day 8: Too Much Month at the End of Your Money

Actually, for once, we’re doing semi-okay, given that the month ends on Saturday.   Well, okay..fiscally for ME, it ends next week on Thursday, but still.  I did the grocery shopping today, using a meal plan, and I think I did pretty good.  All of the supplies I need to finish the kids’ Halloween Costumes are bought, the candy and stuff for Trunk or Treat have been paid for, and I really just have groceries and Luke’s Birthday to think about.


October 26, 2009 at 5:21 pm 2 comments

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