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ADF Day 21: Already?

Wow.  I was backlogging a little bit this morning because I had written stuff I hadn’t posted yet.  As I was editing and posting the entries, I accidentally misnumbered a couple of the posts (which is why, if you’re sharp-eyed, you might notice the URLs of some of my posts don’t match their actual titles now).  I went back and fixed it, and only THEN clued in that today is Day 21! 

Check me out!  One 21 down!  And while I didn’t necessarily walk or journal every single day, I did faithfully follow my ADF plan.  My weigh-in today: 197.4.  No change from yesterday, but that’s awesome because yesterday was an Up Day. 🙂  And it was an Up Day in which I was rather bad, too; I was careful during the day, but I got very snacky in the evening. 

So in the end, my first 21-day run resulted in a total loss of 7.6 pounds.   Not half bad!  It might have been more had I not slid a bit here this past week.  But no matter… onward and downward!


January 23, 2013 at 9:18 am

Cleaning, Day 18: I’m doing Science!

Cleaning done.  As usual, I have nothing much to say about it beyond that.   Luke smeared stuff on the wall and I had to scrub it off, but that’s about the extent of my bed-making/kitchen-cleaning news today.

On to other things.


May 7, 2009 at 8:46 pm

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