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Round 1, Day 21: ADF

Happy Day 21, all!  I have officially succeeded in completing my first 21-day run!  Go me!

Rewarding myself has been interesting.   I thought I would reward myself with a trip to Hallmark this morning.   Hallmark always offers these funky seasonal things at a discount if you buy three or more cards, and normally I don’t think they’re anything to write home about.  This year, though, they have a gingerbread house that features light-up gumdrops and plays The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies.  It’s really cute, and cost about $20, so I bought it for myself.

Andy arched a brow at me when I brought it out of the store and declared I’d hate it within a week.  Our kids are typical kids, and tire much more slowly of pushing buttons and playing repetitive music than either Andy or I.   He told me  I can consider it my gift from Grandma Dorothy.  I guess she sent a check last week for us for Christmas.  I told him to congratulate his grandmother on her intuitive knowledge of my tastes. 🙂  So I guess that’s not really my reward so much as a Christmas present now.  Ooookay.

So, I purchased the O’Reilly book on ActionScript.  I’ve been wanting it for a long time anyway.  I did not tell Andy about it, so hopefully he won’t turn it into a Christmas present from his parent or something.

Oh!  Someone is playing Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies!  Hm.  Oh…there it goes again.   And again.  Great.



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